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Friday, 17 May, 2024

Planning Your Event


Dentevents is both the brand of our dental event management software and the brand for the dental events that we organise. We have produced multiple events that encompass clinical dentistry, implants and surgery, technology, infection control, marketing and practice management, both as standalone events and in partnership with industry and clinicians.

Based on our decades of experiences, here is a rundown of points to consider when organising your own dental event and how we can help:



Plan the dates and format, organise speaker(s), assemble abstracts, develop a budget, etc Dentevents can help you to plan your event and offer advice on creating a balanced and well-structured program. Tips on how to save money and limit your exposure when booking venues, organising catering, etc, can be provided. We can also offer paid consultancy services, act as your event organiser or partner with you to share in the risk and success of your event. Or we can support you every step of the way on an ad hoc basis. Profit share or as below
Find a venue maintains lists of popular venues FREE


Develop a theme, logo, brochures, adverts, emails and other marketing collateral We have in-house creative services that can help you create the right message and deliver it based on our own experiences. The cost is based on an hour rate. $POA
Set-up a website PREMIUM listings act like a microsite for your event, making the creation of a standalone website unnecessary $295.00*
You can also register your own domain - such as - and "delegate" it to your PREMIUM listing $30.00
Place adverts in magazines

Insert your brochure in magazines
We offer advertising packages across Australasian Dental Practice, Oral Hygiene and eLABORATE magazines that reach every segment of the market across Australia and New Zealand Check out the Marketing Planner
Create a press release or ask your speakers for content to place editorially We offer full editorial support for PREMIUM events including listing on the Dentevents calendar pages in the relevant publications FREE*
Advertise on websites We offer advertising packages on both and to help your event stand out online LINK
Engage in Social Media marketing We can post to our Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages FREE*
Create email campaigns We offer a full service for designing and building email campaigns (eDMs) and maintain extensive databases of email addresses. Email is a powerful communication tool for growing event registrations
Find sponsors, trade show exhibitors, etc We maintain extensive email databases of all key contacts in the dental industry across Australia and New Zealand $POA


Set-up online registration for your event provides a comprehensive, feature rich registration engine designed around dentistry that can cater for anything from a simple evening lecture to a full multi-option dental congress. A full suite of tools is provided for you to manage registrants online. Maximum $5 per person
Set-up online payments for your event can accept payments on your behalf in a multitude of ways using your existing credit card merchant facility, PayPal or using your internal “30-day accounts” system. A full suite of tools is provided for you to manage payments online. FREE*
Respond to calls and queries We provide telephone and email support (Help Desk) FREE*
Remind people to attend sends automated reminders by email to registrants that provide all the details of the event including dates, times, location, parking, what to bring and more FREE*
Print sign-in sheet can produce a sign-in sheet to track attendance FREE*
Print name badges can print the name badges for registrants FREE*
Organise catering records special diet preferences for your caterer or event venue FREE*
Organise printing of support material We can arrange to print hand-outs and other supporting material for the event as required FREE*
Create CPD Certificates of Attendance records registrant attendance and issues CPD certificates that you can custom design in Microsoft WORD FREE*
FREE* items are only available with a PREMIUM Listings which costs $295 per event or $2500 for an annual subscription


CONTACT US if you need more information or assistance.
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