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ASIGA reveals two new printers at 3D Printing in Dentistry event in Sydney

For more than a decade Asiga, has been a prominent brand in the 3D printing industry and has become a market leading manufacturer in dentistry, best known for their robust and reliable 3D printing technologies.

Not only this, but Asiga have also embraced the rapid development of 3D printing materials by providing their customers with "plug & play" profiles for most, if not all, market leading dental 3D printing materials. Their library now boasts more than 500 qualified material profiles from many of the world's best known and respected material manufacturers. To offer such freedom in a rapidly evolving industry is testament to Asiga's objective: to provide their customers the best possible outcome in an ever-evolving landscape.

At 3D Printing in Dentistry 2024 in Sydney, Asiga revealed two new 3D printers, the Max 2 and the Ultra. The Max 2 is a significantly updated version of their hugely popular MAX with a major packaging upgrade and a remarkable new user interface. The Ultra, however, is the show stopper stealing, positioning itself as arguably the most advanced dental 3D printer ever.

Housing the latest 4K DLP imaging technology alongside the full suite of Asiga's robust layer monitoring technologies, the Ultra delivers manufacturing certainty but with a new focus for the sector – design. It is clear that Asiga has taken note and listened to their customers to bring to market a product where the end-user is front and centre.

You cannot help being drawn to the Ultra. It all starts with their new and beautifully designed user interface which feels like something straight from a market leading tablet/phone manufacturer. Menu navigation, infographics and the responsiveness of the user interface screen all have a high quality feel and draw you in for more.

A feature that will most definitely have you hooked is their new touchless entry, an engineering marvel in itself. Asiga surely had a lot of fun with this and with a simple hand-wave gesture, the hood opens effortlessly and is so silent that it leaves you helplessly opening and closing the hood. Once you have satisfied your desire to play with the hood, it is clear that the attention to detail and build quality of the Ultra is nothing short of exceptional.

A magnetic build platform, simple material tray clamping, internal lighting and wide range of connectivity options all help in the presentation of a cleverly refined 3D printer for both the dental laboratory and dental clinic.

Another key feature to the Ultra is a new infrared heating system which warms materials to 70°C. This opens doors to new polymer technologies where high impact and hardness are key material properties. This is an exciting time for 3D printing and dentistry in general and these new products from Asiga will certainly be turning heads.

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