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31 Jul 2017 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Every year, Australia's 20,000 registered dental professionals must complete a combined total of 400,000 hours of CPD. This results in thousands of educational programs being offered annually with some catering for thousands of delegates; others for a mere handful. A vast tapestry of educational opportunities is subsequently available.

In an effort to help simplify the process of organising, marketing and managing a dental event, the website has been developed by the publishers of Oral Hygiene, Australasian Dental Practice and eLABORATE. Using your free username and password for, you can add your own events to in a matter of minutes by clicking Manage Your Events from the home screen.

Once you click on Manage Your Events, you will see the Event Manager screen shown above. The Event Manager lets you access all your events, past and present. The Event Manager displays events by "Organiser" and you can be linked to multiple Organisers. An Organiser can be a dental practice, association, university, a dental company or any other business. The Organiser is promoted on Dentevents as the point of contact for the event and you can be linked to multiple Organisers so you see all your events in one place. If you use to accept registrations and payments for your event, then you can also get a complete overview from this one screen. To begin, click ADD EVENT.

STEP 1 is to name your event and, optionally, to add a theme or tagline. You should also select the format, as shown above. All of these details can be changed later if need be.

STEP 2 is to enter the date and time.

And STEP 3 is the final step where you simply enter where the event is located. The City field is used to describe the city the event is being held in, not the suburb of the venue. Lots of events are held in St Leonards for example, but you would enter Sydney in this field instead, so it is clear where the event is being held.

Once complete, click CREATE EVENT.

Once the initial set-up is complete, you can then add more information about your event before SUBMITting it to the calendar.

  • You can add a full description of your event, plus email address, website and CPD hours available for attending the event;
  • You can link a venue for the event from our existing pool of thousands of popular venues; or create a new venue from scratch;
  • You can also link speakers for the event from our existing pool of thousands of speakers; or create a new speaker record from scratch; and
  • You can add information about who should attend the event and tag the event with subjects that describe its content.
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