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01 Aug 2003 | Australasian Dental Practice

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FDI presents the art of dentistry

The Art and Science of Adhesive Restorative Dentistry is the title of a presentation by Dr Alan A. Boghosian at FDI Sydney 2003 that firstly reviews adhesive systems and resin modified glass ionomer restoratives, including results of clinical research studies conducted at Northwestern University on adhesive materials.

Emphasis will be placed on the conservative restoration of Class V abrasion lesions, the prevention of postoperative sensitivity and predictably achieving invisible, aesthetic, long-lasting margins. The second segment of this presentation will discuss the aesthetic and non-traumatic finishing and polishing of composites. Topics will include the selection of finishing armamentaria based upon composite type, proper usage of rotary instruments and achieving a natural enamel-like result; especially when using new nano-filled composites. A series of clinical cases will be presented incorporating the principles to achieve optimal bonding to various surfaces along with aesthetic finishing techniques.

Well-known US-based practice management consultant Jennifer de St. Georges will present Managing Conflicts and Quality Practice. Practice management can be perceived as complex and overwhelming, with dentist and staff often feeling out of control. This session will analyse the dentist/team’s responsibilities, management structure, systems and tools needed to complement the dentist’s core management beliefs, and show management falls very neatly into one of four specific areas:

  1. Personnel management;
  2. Creating a patient centred practice;
  3. Getting paid for what you produce; and
  4. Scheduling the services.

This program, supported by a very detailed workbook, guides attendees on how to identify the key management tools and structure needed in the four divisions to successful manage the practice.

A presentation by UK dentist Julian Webber titled The Root to Success is designed for both general practitioner and endodontist and will take participants to a level of excellence in all aspects of endodontics. The seminar will combine both lectures and live demonstrations via an operating microscope and will deal with new concepts and new technologies as they relate to clinical endodontic excellence. Active audience participitation will be encouraged throughout this multimedia presentation.

FDI Sydney 2003 will be held at Darling Harbour in Sydney, September 18-21, 2003. Pre-Congress courses will also be available on September 17 that encompass Risk Assessment, Endodontics and Aesthetics.

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