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Inline the place for Kavo Imaging

KaVo Imaging is the new mega brand in dental radiography, following the consolidation of Danaher Corporation's Gendex, Instrumentarium, Soredex and i-Cat businesses to create a single range of x-ray products. The KaVo Imaging Solutions range incorporates 2D and 3D extraoral imaging systems, intraoral x-ray generators, imaging sensors and phosphor plate scanners.

Inline Medical & Dental are now offering the full range of KaVo Imaging products along with their renowned service and support infrastructure to offer dentists a worry free reason to invest.

KaVo OP 3D Pro

The KaVo OP 3D Pro offers 2D and 3D imaging, upgradeable to Ceph. A maximum of 5 volume sizes up to FOV 13 x Ø 15 cm are available in 4 resolutions. The multilayer feature provides five panoramic images with only one scan to compensate for incorrect patient positioning and difficult anatomies.

KaVo OP 3D

The KaVo OP 3D offers Fast Scan for 2D panoramic images in just 9 seconds, ORTHOfocus™ for automatic recognition of the most suitable image layer in 2D panoramic images, 4 freely positionable 3D volumes up to 9 x ø 14 cm and 4 image resolutions for 3D volumes.

KaVo OP 2D

The KaVo OP 2D offers outstanding diagnosis with clear definition of the dental anatomy including TMJs in only 10 seconds. The paediatric panoramic imaging program for children shows a horizontally reduced image field. Operation is intuitive thanks to a touchscreen with self-explanatory symbols.

Scan eXam and Scan eXam One

The KaVo Scan eXam™ phosphor plate imaging system offers a fast image processing time of 5-8 seconds. Dedicated software with efficient imaging tools enables professional image optimisation, while supporting excellent interoperability connections with other software applications or a DICOM environment. A smart and automated internal ultraviolet (UV) disinfection feature inactivates 99.9% viruses and bacteria on the plate transport mechanism including Herpes, Hepatitis and HIV. The more economical KaVo Scan eXam One is available in a choice of five colours.

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