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KaVo: Engineered for ergonomics


Dentists complete around 80,000 treatments throughout their careers, so it's no wonder that many suffer from back and neck pain. Each KaVo product is specifically designed to answer the needs of each clinician to work in a relaxed manner.

"I've been using KaVo equipment for the past 12 years. The reliability and superior quality of KaVo's Equipment has been integral to the growth of my practice. KaVo’s unique design offers world class ergonomics and maximum comfort which my patients love..."
Dr Anthony Mak, W Dental, Woollahra, Sydney

Suspension chair concept

The unique suspension chair concept is KaVo's answer to neck and back pain: the free space under the KaVo ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision patient chair enables you and your assistant to maintain healthy, relaxed leg and body positions while being close enough to the patient.

The KaVo ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision treatment units and the PHYSIO Evo dentist's chair have been awarded the ergonomic seal of approval from the "Campaign for Healthier Backs" association (AGR). This is the first time, and to date, the only time that the coveted title has been awarded to dental practice equipment.

The greatest ergonomics - regardless of height

The extremely low position of 350 mm enables natural posture for patients in a sitting or lying position - even for shorter practitioners. The maximum position of 900 mm (KaVo ESTETICA E70/E80 Vision) or 830 mm (KaVo Primus 1058 Life, KaVo ESTETICA ESQ Life) also enables dentists who are taller than 1.80 metres to work in an ergonomic position.

Double duty ergonomics

All doctor and assistant elements can be swivelled and adjusted in height and can be positioned to ergonomic perfection - regardless of whether treatment is performed while standing or sitting. The optional swing arm version with a low table height of 45 cm and balanced swing arms offers optimum ergonomics.

Trendelenburg means treating in total relaxation

In order to achieve the Trendelenburg patient position, the footrest tilts and lifts automatically to match the tilt of the backrest. The lying position remains ergonomic, preventing the patient's back from being compressed or stretched when the backrest is positioned. With the KaVo ESTETICA ES0 Vision's motorised seat lift, patients of different sizes, children and even patients with health restrictions such as hunched back or hollow back are always in the best possible position. Some KaVo treatment units are available as right-handed or left-handed versions. In addition, many have an integrated endo and surgery function as standard or optional, saving you additional avenues and investments.

Obviously ergonomic

The natural white light of the KaVoLUX 540 LED enables optimum visibility. The COMPOsave mode, which prevents fillings from hardening prematurely, keeps the dentist from being rushed. The KaVoLUX 540 LED is automatically switched on and off in accordance with the automatic positions of the treatment centre. The user can also control the most important functions such as dimming and switching on and off without contact.

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