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31 Jul 2012 | Australasian Dental Practice

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NobleDentist is now

Dental Plans Marketing Company Reporting and Announcements

Following several months of planning and countless discussions with some of Australia's most eminent marketing professionals, NobleDentist is changing its name to Limited.

To maximise exposure of the new name a complete rebranding will occur to further signal the company's step to the next level as it moves towards becoming a "household name". As part of this rebrand, new company colours, logo, stationery, membership cards, website, domain name and member welcome stickers will be created.

The name change and rebranding form a vital component of the company's national marketing plan which aims to attract thousands of new members across Australia. CEO, Dion Kramer, said he was confident the new branding and name change would be beneficial for all concerned, including participating dentists.

"An easier to remember and spell name will assist with marketing cut through and ultimately attract new members which is great news for participating dentists eager to attract new patients," Mr Kramer said.

The rebrand comes shortly before the launch of the company's first ever public relations and advertising campaigns, which will showcase the striking new look.

The national campaigns will position as responsible for introducing the dental plan concept to Australia. The strategy used will involve highlighting the incredible success of dental plans overseas, specifically the United States where more than 100 million people are members.

"We're proud to introduce a strategy to Australia that helps dentists attract more patients, assists consumers without private health insurance and reduces or eliminates out of pocket expenses for those that do have private health insurance," Mr Kramer said.

"I'm confident the Australian public will embrace the dental plan concept, especially in the face of rising premiums and means testing of the private health insurance rebate."

It's anticipated that appearances will be made on television and stories will appear in newspapers and magazines, outlining the advantages of dental plans in comparison to private health insurance extras cover.

An increase in online marketing as well as magazine and Pay TV advertising will also take place to help ensure maximum exposure to consumers. In the new year, it's expected that will begin appearing on free to air television.

Mr Kramer said he expected the national public relations and advertising campaigns would spark high investor interest from the general public once it's widely known that is introducing a concept to Australia that has been such and incredible success overseas.

To inform potential and existing shareholders on Smile's progress and plans, investment evenings will be held in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne for participating dentists and their teams interested in investing in the company.

"The VIP share issue offered to participating dental practices late last year has been a great success with early investors that managed to purchase shares at just 7 cents now experiencing a 43% increase in just six months as share prices have risen to 10 cents," Mr Kramer said.

The events will allow potential investors to learn more about the company and meet Mr Kramer in person, who will answer questions and outline company plans.

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