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Pola For Aligners : Advanced take home tooth whitening optimised for aligners

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SDI Limited has launched Pola For Aligners, an advanced tooth whitening system that combines Pola's award-winning whitening formula with the growing use of clear orthodontic aligners.

With the clear aligner market forecasted to grow 25% in the next 5 years, more patients are looking to combine tooth whitening with their orthodontic journey. Pola For Aligners can easily be used as a take home kit, ensuring a great patient experience by providing whiter, brighter smiles with no additional wear time.

Pola For Aligners combines the same benefits of the award-winning Pola whitening formula. The neutral pH gel ensures the greatest patient comfort in a whitening kit and the high-water content gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to reduce sensitivity and increase patient compliance. The high viscosity gel ensures it can be easily and securely placed into the aligner tray, staying in place. The pleasantly flavoured spearmint gel is both fresh and long lasting.

The Pola For Aligners system is available in Pola Night 10% carbamide peroxide gel that has been carefully selected as the ideal whitening agent to suit any aligner system. It enables patients to customise use between meals for just a couple of hours a day, to the convenience of overnight wear. Pola Night 10% can be used from 1-2 hours per day to overnight. Usually patients will notice whiter teeth after one or two days of treatment.

Clinical research has identified 10% carbamide peroxide as the Gold standard in teeth whitening, providing optimal whitening results whilst maintaining maximum patient safety and comfort.1

Not only does Pola For Aligners whiten teeth but it will also assist in maintaining oral hygiene of patients with the active ingredient, Carbamide Peroxide, a well-researched antimicrobial agent.2 Additional benefits of using 10% carbamide peroxide in the clear aligner tray may be improved oral hygiene and reduction of caries. Studies show that 10% carbamide peroxide has shown an improvement in gingival indices during treatment.3

The Pola For Aligners premium packaging is crafted to elevate the appeal of Pola whitening gels above other less effective pharmacy and online options. This gives clinicians the confidence and support to introduce whitening to their orthodontic patients. Pola For Aligners can be easily combined with a premium aligner system of choice and is available as a professional only product to clinically qualified dental professionals.

Pola for Aligners can be prescribed as a once off treatment during the orthodontic treatment and can be customised for extended periods of use, in order to achieve an optimal whitening result. The Pola tooth whitening range has successfully whitened the teeth of millions of people worldwide. SDI has an ongoing commitment to providing better tooth whitening solutions that are safe, simple and effective.

Pola tooth whitening is an Australian innovation and Pola For Aligners is available through all major distributors.


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