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01 Jan 2011 | Australasian Dental Practice

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120 international dental scientists at 3rd Heraeus Dental Symposium in Rome


Concepts of beauty, root coverage procedures, biomaterials and composite restorations were at the focus of the 3rd Heraeus Dental Symposium in Rome. From September 9-11, the dental manufacturer Heraeus brought together over 120 leading dental scientists from 13 countries.

They discussed new materials, techniques and approaches in periodontology and restorative dentistry.

"Inspired by nature? An interdisciplinary approach to an aesthetic and healthy smile" was the headline and theme of the symposium. Chairmen Prof. Soeren Jepsen, University of Bonn, and Prof. Ivo Krejci, University of Geneva, lead through two days of lectures and discussions between dental scientists from universities, private practice and industry - true to the motto of Heraeus Dental Science: "Experts in dialogue". 14 lecturers gave an overview of state-of-the-art materials and techniques. Numerous clinical cases, in-vivo and in-vitro studies illustrated the possibilities and demands periodontists and restorative dentists face today.

Techniques and agents for successful periodontal therapy
What role do aesthetics play for periodontological success? "Aesthetics is biological potential", Prof. Massimo de Sanctis, University of Siena, stated. He highlighted the importance of soft tissue regeneration in surgical periodontal treatment. Prof. Philippe Bouchard, Denis Diderot University Paris, qualitatively evaluated root coverage procedures: According to him soft tissue appearance was a much stronger predictive factor for the aesthetic outcome than the degree of root coverage. Dr Adrian Kasaj, University of Mainz, gave an overview of dental bone grafting materials and their mechanisms of action. A study by Kasaj showed modern nanohydroxyapatites like Ostim effectively support bone regeneration. Prof. Peter Eickholz, University of Frankfurt, showed what local antibiotics may contribute to an enduring aesthetic and healthy outcome of a periodontal treatment. According to an in-vivo study by Eickholz a new 14 percent doxycycline gel significantly improved attachment gain and probing depth reduction in adjuvant periodontal therapy.

Long-lasting restorations with natural aesthetics
Developments and demands in restorative dentistry were the focus of the second day. Prof. Krejci specified the goal: "longer periods between the replacements of restorations". Dr Sanjay Sethi, London, Dr Minos Stravridakis, Athens, and Prof. Antonio Cerutti, University of Brescia, showed by anterior and posterior restorations with long-lasting, natural aesthetics what can be achieved with Venus Diamond in this respect. Prof. Claus-Peter Ernst, University of Mainz, explained the requirements of dental composites. To him the decisive factors are low shrinkage stress, good mechanical properties, enduring aesthetics and easy handling. How Heraeus works on improving these properties with tailor-made filler systems and biomimetic materials was outlined by Dr Andreas Utterodt, R&D Heraeus. Prof. Marco Ferrari, University of Siena, illuminated the restoration of endodontically treated teeth. Prof. Stephen Chu, Columbia University, New York, expanded the focus by indirect restorations. To him zirconia is the framework material of choice in many cases, especially with implant abutments. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - this became clear from the lectures of Prof. Jean-Jacques Lasfargues, Descartes University Paris, and Dr Roland Garve, Geesthacht. In the end, what matters are the individual patient's expectation as well as the respective perception of aesthetics varying from culture to culture.

Many cases in daily clinical practice are at the intersection of periodontology and restorative dentistry. Some of these cases were debated intensively by lecturers and the audience in a round table discussion towards the end of the symposium.

"After this symposium, I am even more eager to start solving my next cases with Venus Diamond", Dr Fredrik Wennerlund, said. He participated in the symposium as winner of the international Venus Diamond Masters Competition.

Participants approved of interdisciplinary exchange
"The vivid discussions showed that we were right about our interdisciplinary approach", host Dr Marianne G. Schmettow, Heraeus, assessed. The participants assigned consistently good marks to the organisation and design of the symposium. "With conventions like this we want to provide a platform for everybody to interconnect and work closer together", Dr Martin Haase, CEO of Heraeus Dental, emphasised. "This is the base for our shared success and the guiding principle behind the activities of Heraeus Dental Science: Experts in dialogue."

Under the label "Heraeus Dental Science" Heraeus regularly offers dental experts a forum for interdisciplinary exchange. With the Heraeus Dental Symposium the manufacturer brings together leading scientist from universities, private practices and industry to promote dialogue on demands and developments in current dentistry.

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