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01 Jun 2004 | Australasian Dental Practice

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A-dec 500 advanced, innovative technology brings a new dimension to dental equipment

New Products

The recent release of the new A-dec 500® dental equipment in Australia has generated considerable favourable comment from the profession. What follows is a short summary of some of the main highlights of the new technology which makes A-dec 500 so unique.

A new experience in synergy

A-dec 500 combines many remarkable attributes, patient seating with an exceptional balance of access and comfort, streamlined delivery systems with new integrated capabilities and outstanding ergonomics, a unique water bottle and revolutionary waterline treatment tablet that radically simplify waterline maintenance, support systems with more flexibility and choices in delivering assistant's instrumentation, plus dental light and monitor mount options that provide enhanced positioning and help improve visibility in the oral cavity.

Years and years of painstaking research and development

A-dec maintains that the A-dec 500 is by far the most progressive dental product line available today. It combines input from dentists around the world, years of research and development, as well as extensive testing in one of the toughest environments the dental school. A-dec 500 has been designed to deliver a higher level of functionality, reliability, and customer support and it succeeds admirably.

Superior operator access and patient comfort was the goal

The A-dec 500 chair has a slim-profile headrest and ultra-thin backrest to provide more legroom under the chair, allowing the dentist to lower the patient and work in a much more comfortable position. The chair's anatomically formed backrest and seat cushion cradle the patient by reducing pressure points and providing exceptional support. The chair designers were able to map-out key areas on the chair that required a more supportive shape. Even with a thickness less than 25mm in some areas, the cushioning provides comfortable support across the patient's entire body.

When the chair back is raised or lowered, the innovative gliding headrest automatically follows the motion of the patient - which means fewer adjustments for the operator and more comfort for the patient.

Through the science of pressure mapping, A-dec engineers reduced pressure points and streamlined support across the entire chair, which effectively creates a more comfortable experience for patients.

Better ergonomics built-in

A-dec 500 series delivery systems are designed to provide better ergonomics and more flexibility. A pivoting, centrally mounted control head, extended tubing reach, and a delivery arm that rotates around the chair combine to offer the operator a large range of motion. The Continental can be positioned for both side and transthorax delivery. Add flexible silicone handpiece tubing, and the dentist has a system that even helps minimize wrist strain.

Integrating new technology into the delivery system

There is room inside the control head to house modules for an intraoral camera, two electric micromotors, scaler, and curing light – all at the same time. There is also a unique, slotted platform that accommodates most manufacturer's mounting hardware (without modification) and an innovative data communication system for device control.

The deluxe touchpad is a streamlined control that provides one touch surface for chair, dental light, and cuspidor functions. It also serves as a convenient command center for controlling the handpieces, integrated accessories, and a number of other electrical devices.

The standard touchpad controls chair, cuspidor, and dental light functions.

A simple control system

At the heart of each A-dec 500 delivery system is one of the industry's most reliable air-driven components: the A-dec control block. With fewer parts, stronger corrosion-resistant materials, a flow-through water system, and quick-connect fittings, it's designed to offer trouble-free performance - for the life of the equipment.

Comparable to an extra set of hands

As far as support systems are concerned, the long assistant's arm is like having an extra set of hands to deliver instrumentation. This innovative arm uses five adjustable pivot points to articulate both vertically and horizontally - which includes rotating instrument holders that pivot independently.

Precision lighting like never before

The A-dec 500 dental light includes a number of features designed to make the operator's job easier. Like a diagonal axis that allows precise adjustment of the light head as required and balanced light for a clearer view of tooth surfaces.

There is a precision-balanced arm system with oil-impregnated bushings for smooth positioning. An auto On/Off feature activates with chair preset positions. There is also the ability to remotely switch between intensity settings.

Expanded choices for the world of dentistry

A-dec 500 meets one of the top concerns for dentists world-wide: the need for more choices in their equipment. This new product range was specifically designed to accommodate more working styles. With a simplified structure and many built-in options, A-dec 500 makes each individual dentist's choice a quick and easy process.

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