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A-dec launches all new A-dec 500 with revolutionary delivery system

By David Petrikas

A-dec has launched its long-awaited new A-dec® 500 dental chair and revolutionary delivery system, which is available from A-dec dealers in Australia from August 2019.

The A-dec 500 is the pinnacle of A-dec dental units and has been the company's flagship product since the launch of the previous "A-dec 500" at the Adelaide Dental Congress in 2004.

At the time, the A-dec 500 was considered a quantum leap in dental chairs, with a stunning streamlined design with an emphasis on flexibility and superior ergonomics.

A legend redefined

The new model A-dec 500 has been described as "the legend redefined" and builds on the key strong points of its original namesake, such as optimal access and flexible integration of ancillary components, but with some truly breakthrough new features.

It's quite simply A-dec's most important new product release in the past decade and follows the addition of the A-dec 200, updated A-dec 300 and A-dec 400 models.

All new delivery system

The centrepiece of the new A-dec 500 is its slick new "Positive Positioning" delivery system and Deluxe Plus touchpad in which everything falls intuitively to hand without a second thought. A capacitive switch built into the central grab handle and secure new braking system and pivot arm unlocks the delivery system for ease of positioning. When released, the control head stays in place without drifting.

The all-new delivery head is actually narrower than the one it replaces, but now has room for six built-in instruments to accommodate high and low speed handpieces, electric motors, ultrasonic scalers, an intraoral camera, Triplex syringe and future devices.

New continental and traditional options

Two delivery system options are available: the traditional delivery system and an entirely revolutionary "continental" delivery head that brings previously unheard of levels of flexibility and integration. The continental whip arms are designed so there is no pulling or straining and the weight of the handpiece is perfectly supported by the whip arm when in use.

Deluxe Plus touchpad

The new Positional Deluxe Plus touchpad is movable from left to right on the traditional unit and centrally positioned on the Continental system. Together with the central position of the new handle, it makes the delivery system equally comfortable for both left- and right-handed users. Both traditional and continental delivery systems come with an improved clip-in tray system for ultimate flexibility supporting four-handed dentistry.

The outstanding ergonomic design of the patient chair with ultra-thin backrest profile and one-touch lever-operated headrest has been retained, with improved upholstery construction for best in class patient comfort in sewn and seamless upholstery styles, which are available in a large range of colours.

Air turbine with the power of electric

Perhaps the biggest breakthrough in the eyes of many users of the new A-dec 500 is the availability of the revolutionary W&H Primea™ Advanced Air Turbine system.

Primea Advanced Air is the world's first high-speed air turbine with an adjustable bur speed and constant removal rate - even under increasing bur pressure.

In practical terms, Primea Advanced Air combines the power of an electric motor with the tactile feel and light weight of an air turbine. This means constant speed for faster and quieter removal of material including metals, resulting in faster excavation and crown reductions, better balance and greater tactile feedback through the handpiece.

The adjustable bur speed from 60,000 to 320,000 RPM is controlled by an Advanced Air module and separate air regulator built into the A-dec 500 chair, linked to a speed sensor in the W&H Primea turbine head.

The controlled speed of the handpiece means burs cut at the optimal bur speed, which means that burs stay cooler and sharper for longer and there is no longer excessive free running of the handpiece or annoying change in turbine pitch during use.

Australia's A-dec dealer network, Territory Managers and authorised A-dec service technicians experienced the new A-dec 500 and W&H Primea Advanced Air system for themselves at a recent A-dec 500 launch and training event in the Hunter Valley.

All came away suitably impressed with the ease of use of the intuitive touchpad, comfort of the new patient chair, improved positioning of the control head and the unbelievable performance of the new W&H Primea Advanced Air handpiece system which has turned conventional thinking of turbines on its head.

The new A-dec 500 and W&H Primea Advanced Air handpiece system is available now exclusively from A-dec dealers around Australia.

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