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31 Mar 2019 | Australasian Dental Practice

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A milestone for more efficiency: Dentsply Sirona sells 15,000th Sinius

Back in 2011, Dentsply Sirona unveiled an innovative addition to its range of new generation treatment centers - the Sinius. In late 2018, Sinius reached a new milestone when Dentsply Sirona delivered its 15,000th unit to Dr Isabel Rodriguez Garcia in Pozoblanco, Cordoba, Spain.

Sinius has become a popular Dentsply Sirona treatment centre during the past 7 years, mostly due to its outstanding performance and multifaceted design. "The whole concept of Sinius is delivering outstanding efficiency by being flexible and ergonomic", said Michael Geil, Group Vice President Equipment and Instruments of Dentsply Sirona. "The Sinius treatment centre is not only ultra-compact - it also delivers clear benefits in terms of time and streamlined workflows. Its intuitive operation with touchscreen technology and numerous integrated functions ensures its efficiency."

Three different concepts

Indeed, with its integrated treatment packages for implantology and endodontics, as well as an integrated hygiene function, it's not too difficult to see why Sinius has become such a desirable product among generalists and specialists. The fact that it also comes in three different concepts (the sliding track design, the OTP arm design and the whip arm design) fitting with individual treatment methods and preferences, further confirms that Sinius belongs to the top treatment center products on the market today.

Dra. Isabel Rodriguez Garcia, who ordered the 15,000th Sinius, has been a dentist in Spain for more than 25 years. For her practice in Pozoblanco, Cordoba, she opted for the sliding track design: "The fact that I had purchased the 15,000th unit was quite unexpected and exciting!" she said. "It perfectly fits with my working technique and the sliding track allows for the dentist element to be easily moved forward and backward."

A holistic vision of design and workflow

The Sinius treatment centre concept is based on the experience of more than 150,000 installed Dentsply Sirona treatment centers around the globe, characterised by an holistic vision of the relationship between ergonomics and workflow in practice routine. As an innovator in linking digital technology with dental solutions, Dentsply Sirona has been on the forefront of developing advanced products for more than a century.

But what does actually make Sinius such an enduring product after all those years? Could it be the sophisticated ergonomic treatment concept of the sliding track design with its swivel-mounted dentist element that ensures everything is at your fingertips? Or is it perhaps the intuitive, functional design that offers more freedom of movement, the wireless foot control, the comfortable positioning? It could also be the seamless integration of key functionalities like endodontics or implantology.

According to Michael Geil, "Sinius does particularly well at implementing cutting-edge technology into its design with, for example, its ApexLocator display on the Sivision monitor and its EasyTouch user interface. I believe it is most likely the perfect integration of all of the above features, which makes the whole treatment centre work in perfect symbiosis with the user. After all, 15,000 purchased units in just 7 years is quite an achievement for any product and evidence for the clinical and aesthetic superiority of Sinius."

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