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31 Mar 2018 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Acteon Piezotome CUBE the optimal choice for ultrasonic bone surgery

Highly powerful, reliable and naturally intuitive, Piezotome® CUBE from ACTEON® drastically improves the outcomes of bone surgery procedures. The CUBE offers a completely new perspective for accurate, faster, more predictable and atraumatic bone surgery.

The use of Piezotome ultrasonic surgery is "the gold standard in dentistry", providing improved outcomes from delicate surgery procedures. Surgeons and patients alike universally recognise the clinical benefits of ultrasonic bone surgery. It's safe cut, minimal bone loss, optimal visibility, superior healing and reduced post-operative pain have been widely supported in the literature.

Piezotome CUBE ultrasonic is driven by the patented Newtron® technology. The advanced unit, handpiece and tips are perfectly in tune, introducing unique clinical benefits to tackle each surgery encompasing:

  • Preservation - Soft tissue preservation with better tissue recovery, cell regeneration and minimal bone loss for less invasive procedures;
  • Efficacy - frequency adjustment and power regulation for maximal performance and effortless cut adjusted to the resistance met by the tip; and
  • Comfort - for both patient and practitioner.

Naturally intuitive, Piezotome CUBE features the exclusive D.P.S.I. (Dynamic Power System Inside) smart assistance. By continually monitoring and detecting variation between major criteria during the surgery (gesture, pressure, tissues, tips), the system automatically adjusts the power delivered by the unit, only when it is required. This smart assistance will provide:

  • + 30% of power, improving cutting performance; and
  • - 10% of power adjusting to the anatomical region encountered, allowing even safer surgery.

The CUBE LED handpiece houses 6 ceramic rings producing more power than ever. Procedures ultimately become time efficient without compromising patient safety.

Daring by style, Piezotome CUBE suggests its strength of character. Compact, it displays a large operator-oriented touch sensitive screen. All parameter settings appear in a bright blue colour on a user-friendly control panel. The multifunctional footswitch offers an optimal control in a complete sterile environment. Concerned by facilitating surgical instrument organisation, the autoclavable handpiece holder can be placed on the sterile table or clipped to it, to gain some precious space and ultimately prevent the risk of accidentally dropping the handpiece.

To broaden the possibilities, Piezotome CUBE is compatible with all ACTEON surgical tips. Each of the well-designed surgical tips, strengthened by surface treatment, are extremely robust. Their vibration is perfectly controlled to perform fluid and smooth cuts. Piezotome CUBE is delivered with the Essential kit, a selection of the most popular ACTEON surgical tips. The development of new surgical ultrasonic techniques in collaboration with ACTEON's large range of tips, paves the way to more minimally invasive approaches for improving patient care.

When compromise is not an option, Piezotome CUBE is the easy choice in giving more to your practice and patients.

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