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Acteon PSPIX: Fast, quality images

By David Petrikas

Digital Imaging Product Review PSP Imaging Systems

Newly established Randwick practice, Vital Dental, believes getting the vital elements right is the recipe for a success.

Managing director of Vital Dental, Randwick, Andreas Schilling, has over 10 years' experience in running medical, dental and radiology clinics.

Given his background, Mr Schilling was looking for dependable digital imaging equipment that could provide high quality images and equipment that fitted easily into the practice.

This included dependable Acteon DC digital X-ray generators in each of the surgeries and an Acteon PSPIX phosphor plate image scanner, together with an Acteon Prime CBCT 3D unit.

The Acteon PSPIX is the world's smallest and fastest phosphor plate imaging unit. It also stands out on image quality, ease of use and speed.

The PSPIX automatically starts scanning as soon as the phosphor plate is inserted, automatically detects the size of the plate, optimises the processing of the image and ejects the plate after scanning.

The image is available in just seconds on a networked computer such as a linked monitor right alongside the patient in the surgery. The unit is so small it can be accommodated on any benchtop – making it suitable as a "personal image scanner" for each surgery in a practice.

Mr Schilling was most impressed with the compact footprint of the PSPIX unit and its great potential to expand with the practice.

"Our experiences with the PSPIX phosphor plate scanner are positive. It's easy to use and works well. It's a good solution when having multiple chairs running," he said.

This latter point is a salient one, given the practice has already been designed to accommodate future expansion and the PSPIX unit can be networked to up to 10 workstations.

Most importantly, the image quality is extremely high, with excellent clarity and well contrasted images showing hard and soft structures for accurate diagnosis.

PSPIX works perfectly with the Acteon ecosystem of software which is an open platform which easily accepts images from scanners, CBCT and 3D extraoral units, X-ray sensors and intraoral cameras.

Acteon PSPIX, X-ray units and Sopro intraoral cameras are supplied by A-dec Australia dealers nationally and supported by A-dec and locally based Acteon imaging specialists.

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