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ACTEON X-Mind Trium: Right tool, right diagnosis, right treatment plan

Dentistry today requires radiography to understand the evolution of pathology and to determine the right course of treatments and actions. For reliable diagnosis and successful treatment planning, the ACTEON® X-Mind™ Trium panoramic, cephalometric and CBCT imaging system and ACTEON Imaging Suite software is your perfect partner. A complete solution for clinicians that provides precise, immediate and accurate radiographic images, it allows accurate evaluation of tooth morphology as it has the finest image precision of 75 µm with 0.1 mm slice thickness.

X-Mind Trium offers high resolution images through superior acquisition using a 360° rotation and ability to select from 4 fields of view, minimising radiation dose without the need for stitching. Also utilising a unique metal artefact reduction filter, it helps clinicians better differentiate tissue and gives a clearer view of the radiographs for better diagnosis.

In addition, metal artefact filters can be adjusted without the need to rescan a patient.

As well as implants and orthodontics, the Trium is a perfect tool for pre and post-op endodontics.

Preoperative assessment

Root Resorption

X-Mind Trium facilitates diagnosis of the size and location of external root resorption (ERR) and internal root resorption (IRR) which are critical for a successful endodontic treatment.

Its high resolution 0.1 mm slice thickness is able to detect the resorptions and assist the clinician to easily distinguish between an ERR and IRR.

Tooth/root morphology

A successful endodontic treatment depends on identification of all root canals to be accessed, cleaned, shaped and obturated. X-Mind Trium enables the clinician to detect a second mesiobuccal canal (MB2) in maxillary first molars. It can also be used to identify anomalies in the root canal system of mandibular premolars and help determine root curvature (Figure 4).

Root fracture

Although a root fracture is not as common as a fractured crown, they are difficult to diagnose accurately using conventional radiography. X-Mind Trium CBCT is a perfect tool for this type of diagnosis and to manage dento-alveolar trauma, in particular root fractures, luxation, displacement and alveolar fractures (Figure 5).

Periapical pathosis

The most common pathologic conditions that involve teeth are the inflammatory lesions of the pulp and periapical areas. X-Mind Trium shows significantly more findings including expansion of lesions into the maxillary sinus, sinus membrane thickening and missed canals (Figure 6).

Postoperative assessment

The objective of endodontics is treatment of apical lesions. However, in order to ensure a successful treatment, the determination of root canal obturation, integrity of root canal filling, and follow up on the healing of apical lesion requires a high resolution 3D image (Figure 3).

Conventional intra-oral radiography provides clinicians cost-effective, accessible and high resolution imaging that is still valuable in endodontics. However, limitations such as a limited field of view, reduced detail and image distortion raise the need for a better tool. X-Mind Trium guides a clinician in complicated cases from diagnosis to post-operative assessment and expands the use of 3D imaging in a practice.

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