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31 Mar 2017 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Align Technology celebrates 20 years

Celebrations and milestones

Last year was a record year for Align Technology, Inc., the leader in modern clear aligner orthodontics that designs, manufactures and markets the Invisalign® system. Not only did they treat their 4 millionth patient but they also expanded into new countries and new markets and made their industry leading products even better with the introduction of new branded and one week wear aligners; an upgrade of their iTero software and new innovations with Invisalign G7 and ClinCheck Pro 5.0 software.

In 2017, Align Technology is set to reach an even bigger milestone as 20 years ago this year, Align was founded on the seemingly crazy notion that a piece of plastic could move teeth. The word "revolutionary" was certainly used a lot when talking about Invisalign back then, but no-one could have predicted what this company would become and the impact it would have on people around the world:

  • More than 4 million consumers' lives have been improved because of their product;
  • Hundreds of thousands of orthodontists and dentists have built successful practices that also benefit their employees, families and patients; and
  • Thousands of employees, past and present, have worked together to build a company, invent a market, and create a respected and well-known brand.

So, as Align Technology focuses on celebrating the accomplishments and collective successes of the last 20 years, it is also time to look forward to another sensational year ahead. As investment into research and development continues, the next innovation is launched - Invisalign Teen with mandibular advancement, the first clear aligner solution for Class II correction in growing tween and teen patients. This new offering combines the benefits of the most advanced clear aligner system in the world with features for moving the lower jaw forward while simultaneously aligning the teeth. Invisalign Teen with mandibular advancement offers a simpler, more efficient and patient-friendly treatment option than functional appliances and without the need for elastics typically used to treat teen Class II patients.

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