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30 May 2011 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Align Technology launches new Invisalign G3 in Australia

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Align Technology has launched Invisalign G3 in Australia, the most significant collection of new features and innovations in the company's history. Engineered to make Invisalign easier to use with Class II and Class III patients, Invisalign G3 is designed to deliver clinical results which are significantly superior to any other Invisalign offering to date.

Building on the new and improved feature set introduced to the Invisalign treatment option line in 2010 and recently launched to the US and Canada, Invisalign G3 has been well received by doctors. This is thanks to new SmartForce features designed for increased predictability of certain tooth movements and simpler, more intuitive software to streamline treatment planning and review.

The Invisalign G3 innovations get at the heart of what orthodontists have been asking for from Invisalign treatment," said Align Technology's International Clinical Director, Dr Mitra Derakhshan. "With software technology and tools that are designed to expand the clinical scope of Invisalign, deliver increased predictability across most clinical situations and make treatment planning more efficient, Invisalign G3 delivers the clinical features doctors expect and can make it easier to use across a broad range of treatments."

Class II and Class III patients

Class II and III treatments make up approximately 40% of all patients in an orthodontist's practice and often require the use of interarch elastics to provide anchorage control during treatment. In order to treat Class II/III malocclusions, doctors previously had to manually cut the aligners to accommodate the use of elastics, which may have discouraged the use of Invisalign in these cases. Invisalign G3 addresses this barrier with new Precision Cuts, which are doctor-prescribed cuts in the aligners to accommodate the use of orthodontic elastics.

Invisalign G3 also features new Passive Aligners - aligners with no movements which facilitate the use of Class II/III elastics while treatment in the opposite arch finishes. Available for dual arch treatments with Invisalign Full and Invisalign Teen, Passive Aligners allow for smoother management of patient treatments like never before.

SmartForce offers greater predictability

SmartForce features, such as the Optimised Attachments introduced in 2010, are attachments and aligner features that are engineered to deliver the forces needed to achieve predictable tooth movements. SmartForce features are customised to each tooth based on biomechanical principles and use advanced virtual modelling in the design of each aligner.

New SmartForce features in Invisalign G3 include an Optimised Rotation Attachment for premolars (previously available only for canines), a new Power Ridge feature for lower incisors (previously available only for the upper incisors) and a new lingual Power Ridge feature for upper incisors. A new variation of the Optimised Rotation Attachment for canines is also being introduced to address clinical situations where placement of the attachment may have previously been difficult.

New streamlined ClinCheck 3.1 software

Significant evolution of the ClinCheck software makes it easier and more intuitive for doctors to create and optimise Invisalign treatment plans. Using the new drag-and-drop interfaces, doctors have the flexibility to specify the placement and the type of Precision Cuts and attachments on the aligners, making it even easier for doctors to use Invisalign.

The Invisalign Doctor Site (formerly Virtual Invisalign Practice or "VIP") is a secure website where doctors access Invisalign patient records, review and approve ClinCheck treatment plans, view their account status, order treatment supplies, and more. A significant redesign of the site not only makes it simpler and more intuitive to use, but also consolidates all their Invisalign patient records and treatment tasks together into one location for easy access. The Invisalign Doctor Site also introduces a new online prescription form that is integrated with the doctor's clinical preferences.

The improvements and innovations in InvisalignG3 also include new clinical options such as attachment placement timing, improved staging for interproximal reduction (IPR) access and eruption tab staging with Invisalign Teen.

Dr Vicki Vlaskalic, BDSc, MDSc says: "Invisalign already stands alone when it comes to orthodontic clear aligner therapy. The addition of G3 innovations has allowed Invisalign to evolve into an orthodontic mechanical option suitable for most adult and teen patients, often with advantages over conventional therapies. G3 clinical components such as precision hooks and SmartForce features synergise to broaden case applicability. Doctors now have the ability to more easily and predictably express tooth movements such as Class II and Class III occlusal corrections that correspond to their ClinCheck 3.1 treatment plan. ClinCheck 3.1 software advancements and the new Invisalign Doctor Site (IDS) assist us to diagnose, plan and manage the entire patient lifecycle more efficiently. G3 not only means improved treatment outcome for the patient but an increase in patient, staff and doctor satisfaction as well as a boost in practice profit and efficiency."

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