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All Zirkonzahn implant abutments include a warranty for up to 30-years

As one of the world's largest manufacturers of implant prostethic components, Zirkonzahn use a high-quality medical titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V ELI according to ASTM F136 and ISO 5832-3) and meet the strictest quality criteria (ISO 13485 MDSAP; Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC; EU Regulation 2017/745 on medical devices).

All components are conceived and manufactured at Zirkonzahn production sites in South Tyrol, Italy and in addition to the legally prescribed warranty obligation - the company offers up to 30 years warranty on all Zirkonzahn implant abutments used (titanium bases, Multi Unit Abutments, Multi Unit Abutments Angled and Raw-Abutments® as well as the corresponding screws). Within the current Zirkonzahn warranty regulation, they explicitly also include implants from other manufacturers used with Zirkonzahn implant abutments.

Zirkonzahn Implant Prosthetic Components

For more than 140 implant systems, the Zirkonzahn Portfolio consists of a great range of TGA approved products: regular titanium bases, Scanmarkers, White Scanmarkers, ScanAnalogs (laboratory analogues used as Scanmarkers), impression copings, laboratory analogues, Multi Unit Abutments, Raw-Abutments and healing caps. All implant prosthetic components are 100% integrated into the Zirkonzahn workflow via corresponding libraries. Exocad® and 3Shape® users are also able to download and implement Zirkonzahn components for free in their design software through a dedicated portal (Zirkonzahn Library Download Center). The product line has been recently expanded with new innovations and new products (See Table 1).

All components are developed and produced at the Zirkonzahn Molaris I and II production sites in South Tyrol, Italy. Here, highly accurate techniques and versatile pro CNC machinery with turning, grinding and coating systems are used to produce milling tools, implant abutments and machine parts.

Table 1. New products and innovations

  • Zirkonzahn LOC-Connector, a snap attachment system for implants and bars to fix removable dental prostheses on the implant.
  • Multi Unit Abutment 17°, characterised by a 17° angle and two different anti-rotation connection types to compensate for any implant inclinations.
  • Titanium Base K85, with the chimney height adjustable to the individual tooth length.
  • Titanium Base K80 Angled Screw Channel, with a chimney height adjustable to the tooth length and the possibility to tilt the screw access channel from 0° to 30°.
  • White Metal Scanmarkers, reusable Scanmarkers to acquire the implant position and orientation during intraoral and model scans.
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