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31 Mar 2019 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Anthos goes hi-tech with maintenance

Hi-tech Italian dental equipment manufacturer, Anthos, has gone equally hi-tech with a range of tools for service technicians and dental practices to help manage and maintain its range of products. New easyticket, easyaccess and easycheck are designed for service technicians, while the digital virtual assistant Di.V.A. is designed to optimise the dental surgery workflow.

easycheck remote management

Easycheck allows service technicians to remotely manage Anthos equipment, allowing for:

  • A reduction in the number and length of service calls thanks to remote pre-diagnosis of problems;
  • The possibility of suggesting courses of action that can be performed by the dental practice to resolve a technical emergency; and
  • Remote firmware updates;

easycheck can also be used to manage maintenance contracts between service technicians and dental practices aimed at reducing end user maintenance costs and increase equipment dependability through preventive and predictive maintenance.

Di.V.A - Digital virtual assistant

The digital virtual assistant Di.V.A. is designed to optimise the dental surgery workflow and features a convenient dashboard that allows the dental professional to monitor their equipment's use in order to optimise and improve performance. The data that Di.V.A. collects from dental equipment makes it possible to acquire information on workloads, maintenance and any malfunctions.

For autoclaves, for example, data on the status of each individual steriliser are also available (in operation, cycle completed successfully, cycle interrupted, etc), along with information on the individual cycles performed.

Di.V.A. is useful for dental professionals who want to closely monitor their the performance of their equipment.

Di.V.A. provides for:

  • Greater efficiency thanks to the ability to schedule maintenance preemptively;
  • Monitoring of each individual device's use in order to modulate the workload with "uniform progressive ageing";
  • The creation of different access profiles with customised functions (administrator, engineer, operator, etc); and
  • The availability of the manuals for all the equipment connected to it.

Di.V.A. is most effective in combination with easycheck. In fact, the technician can remotely analyse the device's functionality and provide useful information to resolve emergencies and prevent equipment downtime.

Optimal customer satisfaction

The new suite of digital services for the monitoring and maintenance of Anthos equipment is increasing customer satisfaction, according to Bobby Trenkovski, National Manager at Anthos in Australia. "Our customers who use Anthos dental units and other Anthos products across Australia will have maximum reliability made easier with this new suite of tools. Our customers will enjoy our ability to preemptively deal with issues before they become problems. We encourage customers and service technicians to contact us to understand more about how these tools can perfectly complement the Anthos range".

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