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01 Jun 2004 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Australians help develop latest generation of dental laser

Australian dentists have played a key role in the development of the next generation of dental lasers recently launched by Fotona through local distributor High Tech Laser.

"In our business of high-tech medical devices, it is important that we have a close relationship with our users and our distributors," said Fotona spokesperson Jasmina Kozel. "This relationship is essential to the continuing development and advances of our products and plays a key role in our longterm success. Australian dentists have embraced laser technology in recent years and their feedback and experiences are invaluable for ongoing development."

"Our partnership with Fotona provides a unique opportunity for laser users to shape the technology," said High Tech Laser's managing director, Matt Moncrieff. "Having a partner like Fotona means the feedback we receive today becomes tomorrow's state-of-the-art dental laser.

"The ultimate result of this partnership is better clinical outcomes for dentists and their patients. The recent development of the Fidelis II is testament to the extraordinary success that such an approach can deliver."

According to Mr Moncrieff, the Fidelis range of dental lasers has just seen a major revision, incorporating several significant changes to this state-of-the-art cavity preparation, bone cutting and soft tissue tool.

"The cornerstone technology of the Fidelis since its inception - and perhaps the most significant technology pioneered by Fotona - is that of its proprietary VSP® (Variable Square Pulse®). This innovation alone has set a very high bar for competitors by delivering unparalleled precision and speed to Fotona's lasers.

"With the new Fidelis II, its cutting speed, proprietary square pulses, wide configurability, sophisticated delivery system, and revised smaller housing, all combined with a competitive purchase price, make it a must-see for dentists who are interested in dental lasers."

Mr Moncrieff believes the Fidelis II represents the culmination of a progressive approach to technological development.

"This laser is significant because it is a genuine third-generation dental laser, and is therefore set apart through its advanced technology and innovative features.

"The Fidelis II optimises and refines the capabilities of hard and soft tissue dental lasers to produce significant clinical benefits for laser practitioners."

2004 marks the 40th anniversary of the European laser manufacturer which was founded just four years after the invention of the laser itself. With thousands of systems installed worldwide, Fotona has achieved longevity and success through building close working partnerships with its global distributors.

According to Mr Moncrieff, Fotona's success in Australia can be partly attributed to High Tech Laser's active involvement in research, development and education in the field of laser dentistry.

"By providing an opportunity for dentists to attend academic and clinical training courses and through its involvement with university studies and clinical research, High Tech has played a significant role in the growth of laser dentistry in Australia in recent years," he said.

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