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01 Jul 2009 | Australasian Dental Practice

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BeeFill 2in1: Time-saving, clean and long-lasting 3-dimensional obturation

Warm, vertical condensation has been shown to result in better root fillings (Toronto Study, 2003 & 2004). Vertical compaction is a faster method for achieving a long-lasting, tightly sealed, 3-dimensional root canal filling which also reliably seals lateral canals.

Best obturation for every tooth

Because of the way the force is transferred to the root canal, the risk of root fracture is greatly reduced. In addition, vertical condensation facilitates the placement of fibre posts, as the root canal can be easily filled at the desired level for immediate placement of the post. Vertical condensation also allows adhesive restoration in one appointment.

Filling was never so easy

The new BeeFill 2in1 from VDW makes root filling easier than ever, as both the downpack and backfill functions are offered in one compact device. A specially designed thermo tip also enables pulp sensitivity testing. Other important design features include:

  • An easy to use control panel allowing for navigation at the push of a button. All parameters are individually adjustable to cater for individual practitioners' preference.
  • The display and controls clearly differentiate the Downpack and Backfill commands for easy navigation.
  • Designed for professional obturation

    Both handpieces are ergonomically designed with a 360º operation angle. A flexible silicone ring allows for feather-touch activation. An excellent view of the root canal is afforded thanks to slim handpiece design and extra-long obturation cannulas.

  • The backfilling handpiece includes a micromotor for the precise release and control of the Gutta Percha, therefore avoiding any weeping.
  • The BeeFill 2in1 features visual and audible signals for operation and safety on the handpieces. In addition, blue LED lights indicate when the downpack handpiece is active.
  • Comfortable filling

    The BeeFill 2in1 backfilling handpiece includes many of the superior design elements which have proved popular with users of the BeeFill unit (for backfilling only):

  • Quick change of cartridges through drop-in/drop-out design - means no GP chamber to clean.
  • Extra-long, flexible cannulas, suitable for curved root canals.
  • Silver alloy cartridges which can fill between 4 and 6 root canals.
  • For downpacking and searing of Gutta Percha, ISO coloured pluggers with length markings are available, in both standard and soft versions. A thermal response tip is also available for pulp sensitivity testing.

    For more info, contact Gunz Dental on 1800-025-300 or see

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