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30 May 2011 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Cadent intra oral scanner for use with Invisalign

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Align Technology has qualified Cadent's orthodontic full arch scanning process for use with Invisalign treatment. Interoperability with Invisalign will be available on the OrthoCAD iOC system with the latest software version iOC 4.0. Invisalign customers with iOC systems can now submit 3D digital scans in place of physical impressions.

Align is in final beta testing with the Cadent iTero 4.0 scanning software and expects to announce interoperability for iTero scanner customers in a few months.

"We are excited to provide customers with the option to submit digital scans for Invisalign treatment," said Sheila Tan, Align Technology chief marketing officer. "Integration with Invisalign has been one of the most widely requested enhancements by orthodontists who use the iOC system and by general practitioners who use the iTero system. It provides doctors with enhanced accuracy of digital impressions and greater treatment efficiency and improves the overall patient experience."

Over the past few years, Align has worked with several manufacturers of intra-oral scanning (IOS) systems to evaluate interoperability of these systems for future use with Invisalign treatment. Rigorous standards for scan quality and accuracy have been defined by Align to ensure a specific scanning technology can successfully replace the physical impressions currently used in an Invisalign case submission. OrthoCAD iOC and iTero capture the contours of the patient's dentition, gingival structures and the bite, without the use of powder, resulting in an accurate digital orthodontic scan in minutes. The new iOC 4.0 software features a simplified graphic user interface and application tools including connectivity to the Invisalign Doctor Site, providing orthodontists with expanded features to ensure accurate digital impressions for Invisalign treatment. Current OrthoCAD iOC customers can upgrade to iOC 4.0 and begin submitting 3D digital scans in place of physical impressions through the Invisalign Doctor Site as part of the Invisalign case submission process.

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