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31 May 2014 | Australasian Dental Practice

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cara I-Butment now available in cobalt chrome through Dental Axess

New Products

Heraeus Kulzer has expanded its range of CAD/CAM manufactured implant prosthetics with screw-retained, individual abutments in cobalt chrome (CoCr). The new cara I-Butment® is optionally available with the screw channel angulated up to 25 degrees. The one-piece abutment ensures durable, aesthetic results for all single implant restorations with ceramic veneering.

At the same time, Heraeus Kulzer is extending its partnership with Dental Axess, the distributor of cara Digital Dental Solutions from Heraeus Kulzer in Australia and New Zealand.

The company, based in North Ryde, Sydney, is an independent distributor and integrator of CAD/CAM systems for all major dental indications.

Further strengthening the Dental Axess digital portfolio, customers now have access to cara Digital Dental Solutions from Heraeus Kulzer. Solutions include cara I-Bridge (regular and angled screw access channels) and I-Butment (regular and angulated screw access channels).

Dental Axess 3Shape customers can maintain their current workflow of scanning and designing using the 3Shape Dental System or alternatively, for customers without 3Shape Dental System, conventional impressions can be processed.

Strong and aesthetic results

Cara I-Butment in CoCr is milled in one piece at the cara milling centre in Helsingborg, Sweden at the facility set-up by Biomain prior to its acquisition by Heraeus in 2012. The monolithic solution requires no additional cemented connection and withstands strong forces in the patient’s mouth. This makes it particularly suitable for single implant restorations in the molar and premolar region. With cara I-Butment angled, restorations gain additional stability since screw positioning is a crucial factor for strength. Depending on the implant system, the screw channel of the new cara I-Butment can be angulated up to 25 degrees. This enables the dentist to manage even aesthetically complex situations with high flexibility. Veneered with HeraCeram ceramics or Signum composite, the CoCr abutment allows for individual aesthetics close to the beauty of natural teeth.

Easy and efficient handling

The anatomically reduced abutment needs no additional coping - ceramics can be fired directly on the CoCr alloy. As an economical alternative to zirconia, cobalt chrome is steadily growing in popularity amongst dentists and patients. Dentists can easily remove the screw-retained abutment if necessary. Dentists working with the cara I-Bridge® already have the right equipment at hand: cara I-Butment uses the same screws and screw driver as cara I-Bridge, for all implant systems.

Safe and hygienic restoration

The new cara I-Butment CoCr ensures a durable implant restoration. Compared to titanium CoCr alloys exhibit a more hydrophobic surface that makes them more resistant to bacterial adhesion.1 The corrosion resistance between CoCr and titanium is higher than between titanium and other metals.2,3 Compared to cemented implant restorations, the risk of periimplantitis is significantly reduced with screw-retained restorations.4

The cara I-Butment CoCr is now available in the cara system for all implant systems covered by cara I-Butment in titanium. The compatibility of cara I-Butment angled will continuously expand to further implant systems.


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