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31 Jul 2019 | Australasian Dental Practice

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CareDent set to reinvent oral health through environmental stewardship

Environmental issues have attracted the interest of Australians who are more educated and eager to take action to reduce any harmful impacts. In 2016-17, Australia generated an estimated 67 million tonnes of waste*. The volume of waste produced by commercial entities leads the impact. As some sectors seek to reduce their footprint through plastic minimisation and other initiatives, dentistry lags and there are many ways we can all work together to create a systemic social shift.

Caredent is now leading this stance for the dental industry with hopes the sector will follow. Each year around five million plastic floss containers and their packaging makes their way to landfill. Add to that toothbrushes and all other packaging used by practices and consumers daily and we have a long way to go.

Through extensive research and testing, Caredent is unveiling a revolutionary range of eco-friendly products and packaging and is at the start of an exciting journey ahead. The entire team is very passionate about driving the eco-improvement within the oral health industry as Australia joins the anti-disposable movement.

In another first for their innovative lines, Australia's first plastic free floss container will launch, along with a range of 100% cornstarch biodegradable handle adult toothbrushes. While Biobrush contains zero plastic packaging and Caredent's Floss In A Box features a plastic free floss container, there is potential for Caredent to aid in eliminating plastic waste if enough people make the switch.

Floss In A Box still delivers the same high-quality PerioTape™ and dental floss which Caredent is known for.

The Caredent Adult Biobrush features a 100% cornstarch handle and double tapered bristles.

In recognition of this progression, Caredent has undergone a major rebrand in 2019 to better reflect its company ethos and social consciousness. New branded packaging will be rolled out from August, commencing with the eco-range which will support the McGrath Foundation. It features a distinct and sophisticated monochrome palette - a reflection of greater "black and white" transparency.

Caredent is no stranger to supporting health-centred community causes, including a six year partnership with Starlight Children's Foundation, helping to bring a smile to the faces of over 3,000 sick kids.

This new eco-range, while leading the reduction of environmental footprint within the sector, will additionally see the announcement of a new partnership with renowned breast cancer charity, the McGrath Foundation.

With the goal to donate $140,000 per year to fund a McGrath Breast Care Nurse, 10 cents from every affiliated product sold will be directly donated to the foundation.

McGrath Breast Care Nurses provide invaluable support and care to women and men experiencing breast cancer. From diagnosis right throughout treatment, McGrath Breast Care Nurses are available to help individuals and their families for free and with no referral. They are specially trained and experienced in supporting both early and metastatic breast cancer from diagnosis, right throughout treatment.

The support of a McGrath Breast Care Nurse can substantially improve the quality of care someone receives in many ways. From fewer specialist appointments, and less time at each appointment, improved understanding and clarity, to more confidence and reduced anxiety.

McGrath Breast Care Nurses bring patients and their family peace of mind through expert knowledge, personal care and genuine compassion.

The Caredent team hopes every dental practice can get behind these important causes and join the quest for community influence and positive environmental change. Join Caredent in this exciting social venture – call (02) 9987-4891 to register your interest and receive free samples.

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