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31 Mar 2018 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Carestream Dental adds new intelligent scanning features to CS 3600 IOS

Carestream Dental has launched version 3.3 of its CS Connect software, designed to make communication between doctors and laboratories even more efficient. Dental laboratories now have the opportunity to further customise their web forms by manually adding the specific details for any additional material they support.

In addition, doctors will have the opportunity to inform the lab about the due date for ordered cases. The new CS Connect version also features enhancements to improve the workflow and performance for doctors.

New features

Customised web form for labs

The list of materials used by dental laboratories is constantly evolving; as such, there may be materials that are not included in CS Connect's predefined list. Now, CS Connect allows laboratories to define and add their own material in the web form so they can refer to the latest material they just started using without relying on a CS Connect upgrade. Laboratories can also use the same terminology they have been using in their paper form if desired, further helping to reduce confusion between the prescribing doctor and the laboratory.

Due date

Doctors who wish to specify a due date for the appliance they are requesting can now use the dedicated field at the end the submission process. This applies in both submission modes, that is, the customised web form mode or attached file submission mode.

Extended note size

Laboratories and the prescribing doctor can exchange longer messages about cases using the CS Connect notes mechanism. The size of individual messages has been extended to 700 characters.

Auto selection of the target laboratory

When the prescribing doctor always sends the data sets to a unique laboratory, they have a single partner specified in their CS Connect profile. CS Connect now automatically selects this laboratory at the beginning of the submission process, so the doctor does not have to select it manually as in previous releases.

Note: This does not prevent the doctor from creating a new laboratory partnership at the beginning of the submission process if desired.


The footprint of the CS Connect agent that runs on the doctor's system has been significantly reduced. There are now fewer processes running, which reduces the amount of memory used.

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