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01 Jun 2004 | Australasian Dental Practice

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CDA advertising campaign enters second phase

Cosmetic Dentists of Australia (CDA), a conglomerate of dentists pooling their resources under a common banner to promote their expertise in cosmetic dentistry, have switched from television advertising to magazines for phase two of their campaign.

"Due to the lead-time of securing print media and because of the interest in Channel 9's Extreme Makeover show, the initial CDA campaign focused heavily on TV commercials," said CDA founder Carl Burroughs. "Phase two of the campaign is now underway, which is the use of 'High End' glossy national magazines.

"During May and June, we have full page ads hitting in Vogue, Good Medicine, Cosmopolitan Hair and Beauty, Bride to Be and Modern Wedding, with many other titles to hit the streets in July and August.

"Our PR campaign is also bearing fruit with editorials starting to appear in magazines such as New Idea, Marie Claire and Woman's Day this month. What is exciting is that we are starting to see the results from the earlier patients who found dentists through CDA. We're getting some great testimonials and before and after shots that we can use with the patient's permission to further promote the group."

"CDA is providing our practice with qualified cosmetic patients and raising the awareness of the general public to ask about cosmetic procedures," said Dr Fred Calavassy, one of the dentists participating in CDA. "Even our existing patients are commenting on the advertising they are being exposed to from CDA and it is a great feeling knowing it is reaching even our existing patients.

"Procedures ranging from tooth whitening to cosmetic makeovers are being seen at our practice as a result of the CDA advertising and this is leading to an increase in our practice profile relating to the cosmetic procedures we provide."

"Since joining CDA in November 2003, my practice has seen a jump in the number of cosmetically curious dental patients," said Dr Ken Ho. "They are primed and requesting cosmetic procedures ranging from teeth whitening to complex aesthetic cases. In the last month alone, I have diagnosed cases well in excess of $100,000. At the end of the day, it is not only the quantum of fees that are concerned but we are happy to be able to provide the public with the high standard of cosmetic dentistry that we know can change their life".

According to Mr Burroughs, CDA is the first group to attempt a large scale advertising campaign to attract business to private practice dentists and was thus a gamble.

"I'm not aware of any marketing campaign this ambitious has ever been tried in Australia," he said, "so there is always a risk. So far, we are getting the results we hoped for and the one thing about building a brand is that it becomes easier as time goes by. The big thing for me is the quality of the patients referred and we are constantly reviewing which advertising mediums are producing the best results. Again, the longer we do this, the more refined the process will become".

CDA now has member dentists in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. Any leads generated in a participating practice's territory (generally their postcode though capital city CBD's allow more participants) is referred to the practice. All calls are handled by a central call centre linked to a 1800 number that then mails information to prospective patients and passes the lead to the relevant practice.

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