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01 Sep 2004 | Australasian Dental Practice

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CDA TV campaign exceeds all expectations

Cosmetic Dentists of Australia's (CDA) locally developed TV commercial and advertorial, featuring former Miss World Miss Belinda Green, has proven to be a roaring success.

"We knew that we had hit a cord with the Australian public when we received over 300 calls from just one airing of Belinda Green's four minute advertorial on the Bert Newton show," said Carl Burroughs, founder and spokesperson of CDA. "We have had equally good results from the TV commercial that we have been airing and we have benefited from some of the unusual viewing patterns of the public during the Olympics".

According to Mr Burroughs, while CDA was only officially launched in February of this year, it has already become a recognised brand in society. Full page ads have appeared in over 15 of the top glossy magazines since CDA's launch, TV commercials have aired around the country every month and the public relations campaign has produced over 20 editorial features in newspapers and magazines and more is to follow.

"Joining CDA, with such an elite group of dentists, is one of the best marketing campaigns I have embarked on," said Dr Sam Guirguis. "I'm delighted with the national exposure we are receiving and consequently the quality of patients that have enquired about our services. In the space of 4 months, I have treated an array of patients, for as simple a procedure as tooth whitening, to porcelain veneers, smile makeovers, orthodontics and full mouth rehabilitation. I have increased my turnover by well over $100,000 since I joined CDA. I am so glad I decided to join the group and am very excited about the future."

Mr Burroughs said that the CDA campaign has been a great success to date and has changed many of the public's perceptions about dentistry. At the same time, it is also proving a great source of market research.

"One of the benefits of running a campaign of this scale is that you start collecting large amounts of data. We have now handled thousands of enquires from the general public and through analysing what procedures are being requested and also what work is being completed by each CDA member, we are starting to see some very interesting trends emerge.

"We can see which of the glossy magazines are producing the best results and which time slots are best to place the TV commercials. But more than this, we are seeing what motivates a member of the public to start thinking about having cosmetically focused dental work done, and their perception on price," Mr Burroughs said.

"I am going to write an article on this subject for Australasian Dental Practice before the end of the year as I think the statistics we are collating will be of benefit to every dental practice in Australia and could help dentists with their local marketing."

One of the interesting results the statistics are showing is that it is very dangerous to judge the spending capability of a local demographic based on the historic image of an area. A large amount of the bigger cases being produced by CDA advertising are coming from suburbs that would have traditionally not been associated with large discretionary spending capabilities. It has shown a shift in society across the board to more interest in one's health and appearance.

"We are getting good results just about everywhere," Mr Burroughs said, "but we have certainly had a few shocks along the way, both from a stand point of where the work is coming from and also just how far the public will travel to see a CDA member.

"We are now actively recruiting more members to fill some of the gaps in our network so members of the public are not inconvenienced, however if there is not a CDA member in the area of an enquiring potential patient, the majority of them are happy to travel, sometimes quite large distances to see our members."

CDA currently has TV commercials showing in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and nationwide print advertising in Vogue, Marie Claire, In Style, Bride to Be, Modern Wedding, Everybody, Good Medicine and Cosmopolitan Hair and Beauty magazine.

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