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31 Oct 2012 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Centaur Software completes install of dental4windowsSQL at all HCF centres

By Joseph Allbeury

Software Technology

Centaur Software and HCF have completed the implementation of the Dental4WindowsSQL software product throughout all HCF dental centres across Sydney as part of the HCF Electronic Patient Record (EPR) strategy.

It is believed to be the largest private dental centre implementation in the Southern Hemisphere with over 250 users and one of the most complex projects ever undertaken by either Centaur or HCF.

The project encompassed:

  • Introduction of the clinical modules of dental4windowsSQL to maintain centralised Electronic Patient Records across all Dental Centres including 95 dental surgeries operating on the latest Citrix XenApp virtual environment. This included:
    • Media Suite digital imaging module for dentists to capture, view, edit and save digital images from new and existing x-ray units;
    • Sterilisation Module with barcode capability to manage, track and audit all dental instruments and equipment used down to patient and procedure;
    • The development and introduction of a new enterprise version of the dental4windows Document Management module which allows the retrieval of scanned documents from a central database meaning no matter where a patient is treated across the dental network, the latest documents can be viewed directly from any HCF clinic;
    • The introduction of performance measurement tools to monitor and report the performance of dental4windows on business critical transactions; and
    • The training of over 250 clinical users which also included internal change management strategies that have proven to be most successful.
  • The introduction, set-up and direct integration of imaging product Media Suite across a distributed environment with multiple OPG's and Phosphor Plate units across all HCF clinics;
  • Many complex and system critical enhancements and customisations including those to previously implemented interfaces of dental4windows with the HCF Claim and Membership systems; and
  • A new suite of HCF-specific Financial Reports.

Michael Sokol, Commercial Director at Centaur Software and representing the Centaur Board of Directors, said "I am very happy with the end result of an extremely involved and complex customisation and deployment project. Dental4WindowsSQL, powered by SQL Anywhere - Sybase's relational database system with synchronisation technology, enables large enterprise clients like HCF to progress further ahead with their e-Health strategy and to easily and securely access, update and catalogue large volumes of patient information across multiple devices and computing environments. Our team have been able to maintain the HCF deployment schedule and during this time, Centaur has successfully developed further dental4windowsSQL capability, so the system operates reliably in multiple dental centres across the latest Citrix XenApp environment along with digital imaging equipment and software. We believe HCF is the largest network deployment of practice management and digital imaging software ever seen in the southern hemisphere. I am confident that this has transformed the way HCF Dental Centres do business.

"Our unwavering focus on improving our products and services ensures our customers continue to grow and enjoy significant benefits only dental4windows can bring," Mr Sokol said.

"The success of this deployment clearly demonstrates to any large dental organisation that dental4windowsSQL is by far the best solution available and has appropriate functionality based on years of direct feedback from customers. Centaur Software is geared to understanding and responding to the business needs of our customers, both for today and where they will be in the future. This continues to ensure we evolve and grow as our customers evolve and grow."

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