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01 Apr 2003 | Australasian Dental Practice

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CEREC enters a new dimension at IDS 2003


Sirona Dental Systems will launch the next generation of its CEREC CEramic REConstuction system at the world's largest dental show, IDS 2003, in Cologne, Germany this month.

The all new CEREC 3D is a major software upgrade for the CEREC 3 system (also available to all existing CEREC 3 users) making it even simpler and faster to use and at the same time introducing an infinitely greater level of accuracy of restoration design and manufacture that the company claims will satisfy even the most ardent critics of the system.

As the name implies, CEREC 3D software offers end-to-end three-dimensional functionality. At the same time the system has undergone considerable development in terms of precision and occlusal surface design. CEREC 3D supports the precise adjustment of the proximal areas and - what's more - allows the antagonists to be taken into account when designing the occlusal surfaces. In addition, the software caters for complete quadrant restorations. With the launch of CEREC 3D, Sirona has opened up a whole new treatment dimension for dentists.

"CEREC 3D retains the acknowledged cost benefits of our internationally successful CEREC CAD/CAM system and adds fascinating ease of use, plus outstanding precision", said Sirona's Chief Executive, Jost Fischer.

On the basis of a 3D optical impression, CEREC 3D displays the prepared tooth as well as the finished design on the monitor in three dimensions. "The dentist saves time and is in a better position to assess the design. He can rotate the design in all directions on the monitor and view and evaluate critical areas," Said Dr Wilhelm Schneider, head of CEREC product marketing at Sirona.

CEREC 3D boasts a sophisticated image processing system. It is immaterial whether the image data is derived directly from the patient's mouth or from a model. The software guarantees optimum precision. CEREC 3D appeals to those dentists who attach top priority to the adhesive bonding of ceramic restorations. It is now possible to superimpose several optical impressions. This allows the dentist to visualize obscured and overshadowed areas and take these into account during the design process. Another new feature is the automatic detection of the preparation margin. This function not only enhances precision but also saves time and simplifies the operation of the software.

CEREC 3D enables the dentist to take account of the antagonists when designing the occlusal surface. Here as well, the contacts can be assessed immediately with the help of the colour coding function. In the case of inlays, CEREC 3D extrapolates a design proposal on the basis of the cuspal inclines of the existing healthy dentition. In the case of full crowns, it accesses the dimensional data of stored prosthetic teeth. The software offers a wide range of options for the individual adjustment of the occlusal surface. For example, the dentist can raise and/or reposition whole areas. In addition, ceramic material can be added and subtracted locally, thus enabling any desired contour to be created.

The 3D design process also offers decisive advantages with regard to the proximal contacts. With the help of the new colour coding function the dentist can assess at a single glance the tightness and extent of the proximal contacts and then carry out any necessary adjustments.

The ability to design the occlusal surfaces with reference to the antagonists is a prerequisite for performing complete quadrant restorations. In this case, the dentist juxtaposes several optical impressions on the monitor. The finished quadrant design can be placed virtually, taking into account the proximal contacts.

"CEREC 3D is fast, easy to use and delivers outstanding precision," continued Mr Fischer. "But what ultimately counts is job satisfaction: CEREC 3D is addictive!"

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