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31 Mar 2017 | Australasian Dental Practice

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CEREC Open STL export: Welcome to the world of unlimited possibilities


CEREC now allows for an open export of its model data. This is very exciting for all new and prospective users because the export of an STL model opens up new doors that have historically been closed with the system.

The STL file format is the industry standard CAD/CAM file format used by all CAD/CAM devices. Compatibility with all commonly used design programs that are employed in laboratories is guaranteed by the STL format. On the one hand, this means that the data from the digital impression can be used for other applications, such as orthodontics or custom workflows as well as large span work to be completed in the laboratory of your choosing. On the other hand, it opens up new possibilities for dentists who are gradually digitising their practices. The corresponding software license will be available at the same time as the new CEREC SW 4.5.

In addition to producing single visit restorations, the CEREC system continually evolves to remain at the forefront of technological advancements and innovations. CEREC has developed and extended its versatility to include not just restorations, but implant drill guides, custom implant prosthetics and even orthodontic indications such as case submission for Invisalign™ and Clear Correct™.

Additionally at the IDS in March, there were some exciting new releases that deserve attention.

CEREC Software Version 4.5

The latest CEREC software update, which was previewed at IDS, has been developed to aid in simplifying procedures and accelerating processes while enhancing the quality of the production results. The software now handles many processes automatically, which saves the user valuable chair time. The main features can be summarised as follows:

  • Tooth shade detection;
  • Detection of restoration type based on prep design;
  • Improved initial proposals thanks to enhanced Biojaw-algorithms; and
  • Scan speed is increased while providing a more realistic model and visualisation of the restoration.

SpeedFire and Meso blocks

A little over a year ago, the dental industry was given its first CAD/CAM driven porcelain and zirconia furnace. The innovation of the CEREC SpeedFire allows for optimal firing times based on shade, size and volume of the restoration. It can sinter a full contour zirconia crown in just 10-15 minutes! Because of this speed, it truly provides a one-visit zirconia restoration. It was announced at IDS that a pre-shaded translucent zirconia abutment block for custom abutments or screw retained crowns will be available for CEREC soon. This is an additional material choice available for the proven CEREC custom abutment and screw-retained crown workflow that has been done for years in dental surgeries. The translucent zirconia boasts exceptional strength and biocompatibility, while the screw-retained solution offers the advantage that the TiBase and abutment crowns can be cemented extraorally.


CEREC Ortho 1.2 takes another step towards the digitisation of orthodontics. After a quick digital impression is taken with the CEREC Omnicam, users are able to complete model analysis right at the CEREC Acquisition Centre or a networked practice PC. The Bolton, Moyers, and Nance space analyses are available within the software. The main component of the scanning can be completed by the dental staff, saving the dentist time. The orthodontist can then check the analysis, adjust if needed and export the model for planning orthodontic treatments and producing any appliance required.

Dentsply Sirona Hub

Dental practices need technology that is fully integrated to provide the maximum effectiveness and efficiency. The Hub is designed to be a network "plug and play" interface for communication between various devices in the dental practice. At its launch, later this year, it will back up all clinical data stored on the CEREC which can be recalled at any time as needed. The advancements of this product will allow for safe, secure, and reliable backups of important patient data and serve as the digital hub for the dental practice.

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