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01 Jul 2004 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Chance to win a surgery makeover proves popular

Hundreds of entries from dental practices across Australia and New Zealand have been received for the "Win A Surgery Makeover" promotion announced in the May/June edition of Australasian Dental Practice.

Organised by Halas Dental Limited and specialist dental design and construct company, Medifit, first prize is a consultation, design, plan and fitout for a treatment room and reception area to the value of $45,000. Also included in the prize is a Sirona C8+ "Vision" Treatment Centre complete with fibre option lines, electric motor, scaler, handpieces, intraoral camera, LCD monitor and stools; a Sirona Heliodent DS x-ray; a Girardelli x-ray film processor; a compressor; suction motor; and a curing light; plus installation, new uniforms for all staff and a day spa package for up to six Auxiliary staff. Total prize value is approximately $120,000.

"We're thrilled at the large number of dentists that have entered into the spirit of the competition and taken the time to submit an entry," said Geoff Parkes, National Equipment Sales Manager for Halas Dental Limited.

"It has so far provided us with many hours of enjoyment reading through them all. The sheer number and quality of the entries makes choosing a winner a lot harder!"

The judging process is now well underway for the competition after entries closed on June 30. Apart from the overall winner, six second prizes of a free consultation, design and strategic master plan from Medifit are up for grabs; plus six third prizes of a day spa treatment for up to six Auxiliary staff.

"I have discovered a number of things about dentists over the last few weeks," Mr Parkes continued. "Number one, many of you have near unintelligible handwriting! Many of you are budding poets and even more were born comedians. A number of you have no shame and will resort to flattery and downright begging. And a huge number of you are genuinely altruistic and want to see someone more worthy win the prize!"

Mr Parkes said entries included such rhetoric as: "Our surgery was designed by a blind man"; "If I have a vasectomy I will need a more comfortable chair to recuperate on - or if I continue having children I will have to work longer!"; "Please save us from killing each other!"; "I want to break free from the stereotypical dental surgery - generic and devoid of character"; "All our dentists work very hard and also spend a lot of time undating [sic] their skills"; "As I've never won anything in my life - it's about time I won something!"

Mr Parkes said his personal favourite was: "After 53 years in practice I would like a fresh start!"

"I was gently bemused by the dentist who spent the first half of his entry describing his recent purchase of a dental laser - from a competitor of ours! And I was touched by the number of entries on your behalf, by loyal and conscientious auxiliary staff," Mr Parkes said.

"But most of all, I was exceedingly impressed by how hard-working most of you are. And how, in many cases, you are working with sub-standard equipment or in a poor environment, simply because you are either too busy to make and implement a plan to do something about it, or you are concerned about passing higher costs onto your patients.

"Whilst this is an admirable approach, I would encourage many of you to take stock of your situation - it is indeed possible to improve your working environment, to use more modern and efficient equipment, to become a better dentist... without putting yourself and/or your patients into hock forever!

"The ticket price of some capital equipment items can be a scary proposition I agree. But when broken down into a monthly lease, when set against usage of the equipment, and a sensible and sustainable fee structure - appropriate for whatever patient demographic you have - then it is indeed possible for most, if not all of you to improve your situation."

Mr Parkes said that while there was only going to be one lucky winner of the main prize, he hopes that the act of entering this competition would inspire dentists onto the road to adopting their own "surgery makeover" program.

The winners of the promotion will be announced in the September/October edition of Australasian Dental Practice and the overall winner of the first prize will be presented in a Surgery Design feature in a future edition.

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