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Choose the right digital imaging solution

When buying digital imaging equipment, it's important to deal with a recognised supplier offering local service support, access to spare parts and experience in radiation certification.

You should also choose the latest technology including superior image quality and low radiation emissions. This includes Automatically Controlled Exposure (ACE), X-ray units with a small focal spot and digital sensors with a small pixel size.

Importantly, instant access to the highest quality images requires software supporting a streamlined digital workflow, which improves both the speed and accuracy of diagnosis.

While some practices have made the investment in expensive OPG and CBCT units, the digital X-ray unit is still the most relied upon and valuable digital imaging device in most dental surgeries.


An X-ray unit will require a digital sensor or phosphor plate scanner to capture the X-ray images. Purchasing compatible components from one manufacturer ensures no integration issues and simplifies training and maintenance.

Acteon - available in Australia through A-dec - has best-in-class technology for the highest image quality and easy to use Acteon Imaging Suite software (AIS). AIS makes it simple to integrate images from Acteon Sopix sensors, PSPIX phosphor plate scanners, Acteon extra-oral OPG/CBCT units and even Sopro intraoral cameras.

The open platform software architecture also allows exporting images to recognised third party applications for further analysis if desired.

Where to start

The key piece of imaging equipment for most practices is an X-ray unit coupled with either a phosphor plate scanner or digital sensor for fast access to X-ray images. Details of each digital imaging unit are provided below:

X-ray unit

The international Red Dot award winning Acteon X-Mind X-ray generator features extremely low radiation emissions, an easy to position head and different arm lengths to match your surgery. It is ideal for use with phosphor plates. Your A-dec dealer can recommend the right arm configuration to reach your patient chair.

X-ray unit and digital sensor

The X-Mind "Unity" X-ray generator uses the same X-Mind X-ray generator head, but includes an integrated Sopix2 digital sensor with the cabling already built-in to the X-ray arm to avoid dangling cords.

Acteon's CMOS sensor technology features automatically controlled (ACE) exposure that reduces radiation by up to 50% according to patient morphology, ensuring better images every time, no more overexposed images, prolonged sensor life and greater patient safety.

Phosphor plate scanner

The PSPIX2 is the fastest and most compact phosphor plate scanner available, processing images in just 12 seconds! Its compact size means it can fit easily on any bench, providing rapid access to images and is fully networkable throughout the practice. PSPIX2 is a convenient and affordable option and has the added advantage of different sized flexible phosphor plates, more suitable for smaller and younger patients. PSPIX2 has a simple colour touch screen and is the only scanner with removable parts that can be sterilized in an autoclave, offering simple and effective infection control.

Imaging software

The all-important Acteon Imaging Suite (AIS) imaging software will harness the power of all your digital imaging equipment, making images available to view, store and manipulate.

AIS uses an open architecture, which means images can be easily imported or exported across third party software, such as common patient management software or third party programs such as Dolphin and STL format images from implant databases in both Windows and MAC format.

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