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31 Mar 2015 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Colgate wins 2015 Product of the Year in dental care and whitening categories

Awards and accolades

Australia's favourite products of 2015 have been announced in the largest consumer survey of household goods. Several health products have been crowned favourites by Aussie consumers in the 2015 Product of the Year Awards, which also includes food, over-the-counter medicine, alcohol and cleaning products.

The 44 winning products were reviewed against criteria such as trial performance, value for money and overall satisfaction in the ultimate poll of more than 15,000 Australian shoppers by leading research company, Nielsen.

Product of the Year director, Sarah Connelly said the results should make consumers feel confident they are choosing a reliable product, particularly since they are new to the market.

"Winning Product of the Year is a huge stamp of approval from the Australian public," she said. "Shoppers can be confident when buying products, whether it be fresh food, beauty items or larger purchases such as appliances, that all the guess work has already been done by shoppers just like themselves."

The two categories relating to dentistry were won by Colgate® with Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser™ taking out the dental care category and Colgate Optic White™ Toothbrush + Whitening Pen winning the teeth whitening category.

Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser

Many foods, not just sweets, contain sugar which can be converted into the acids that weaken teeth and cause cavities. Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser, in both Adult and the new Junior variant, helps to de-activate sugar acids in plaque before they can harm teeth. It also strengthens and restores the enamel to help prevent cavity formation.

Colgate Maximum Cavity Protection Plus Sugar Acid Neutraliser is clinically proven to deliver a 20% greater reduction in the prevalence of new cavities (vs a normal fluoride toothpaste after 2 years' use), reduces early decay by half (after 6 months' use) and results in 4x greater remineralisation (vs a normal fluoride toothpaste after 2 years' use).

Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Whitening Pen

Colgate's Optic White Toothbrush + Built-In Whitening Pen is a ground-breaking consumer product designed to deliver whiter teeth in just 2 days by following a prescribed process, termed Brush. Whiten. Go.™ Firstly, the Colgate Optic White toothbrush, specially designed with polishing bristles and stain removers, is used for brushing with your regular toothpaste. The pen is then used to apply whitening gel (4.5% hydrogen peroxide formulation) to each tooth. It takes only seconds to apply and adhere to your teeth. There is no waiting or rinsing. The pen is then stored inside the brush within a uniquely designed pen chamber.

"Building on the launch of Colgate Optic White toothpaste in 2013, Colgate Optic White Toothbrush + Built-In Whitening Pen has been one of our most successful manual toothbrush launches ever," said Rob Wilson, Colgate Oral Care Marketing Manager. "Delivering whiter teeth in just 2 days, it delivers greater convenience, speed and whitening efficacy versus traditional whitening products and has helped to drive significant incremental category growth via revolutionising both the whitening and manual toothbrush segments."

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