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01 Mar 2009 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Creating your own surgical kits is easy

With the popularity of implant dentistry continuing to increase, the infection control aspects of what are essentially highly invasive surgical procedures need to be respected.

Using gowns, drapes and a variety of other disposable barriers to prevent the transfer of infection is the gold standard in dentistry and indeed all surgery, however with accelerated teaching methods and a focus on new products and techniques, this vital aspect of the process can often be overlooked.

Whereas the need to be vigilant to protect both patient and practitioner has never been greater, many dentists have shyed away from using surgical kits because of a combination of their cost and the fact a high percentage of the contents of the generic kits are wasted.

Australian company Medi Dent Disposable International (MDDI) has been developing and distributing disposable products for dentistry for several years now that range from a “Two-instrument Periodontal Exam Kit” for $1.60 through to a “Complete Oral Surgical Implant Kit” for $55.00. These kits include the items traditionally utilised in the respective procedures they are designed for.

However the company also offers dentists the opportunity to create their own surgical kits that include the exact items required for each procedure and in the quantities you specify. MDDI offers over 50 choices of product to include from various types of gowns, masks and drapes to gauze, kidney dishes and suction tubing. Minimum orders apply, however for busy surgeons, the convenience and cost-effectiveness of custom kits will appeal. All kits are delivered sterile at point of use.

Full details of MDDI’s range of custom surgical kits, ready made surgical kits and treatment kits together with other infection control products are all available online including pricing.

Full details of all the kits including pricing can be found at

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