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31 Jan 2019 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Dental nitrous oxide sedation system made in Germany

Baldus Medizintechnik is the first German manufacturer for nitrous oxide sedation systems in the dental market.

Baldus® offers two types of mixer units. The Baldus Analog features elegant design and intuitive handling. The digital Baldus Touch mixer combines the latest technology with innovative features. Beside the mixer units, Baldus also developed a scavenger breathing system with a double nasal mask, which is fully autoclavable.

The Baldus Touch is the next generation of digital oxygen/nitrous oxide mixer units. It combines timeless elegance with high technology. The new display menu functions and system settings give the Baldus Touch the status of a modern and distinctive mixer unit for the dental nitrous-oxide market. The touchscreen provides absolute intuitive operation and handling. Patient treatment parameters are documented automatically. Further, the Baldus Touch features a recovery button, error memory, maximum total flow of 18 l/min and a self-test function. Safety-wise, the Baldus Touch includes a nitrous oxide lock, acoustic and visual information signals, O2 Flush-button, non-rebreathing valve, ambient air valve and user-friendly single button control.

The Baldus Analog combines the proven and well-known technology of analogue mixer units, upgraded with the German experience. The Baldus Analog includes safety features like an acoustic signal in the event of a lack of oxygen and an oxygen flush button centrally placed for a quick reaction in an emergency. The adjustment of the gas concentration is highly innovative; By increasing the percentage of nitrous oxide, the oxygen flow will automatically decrease, with the predefined output flow remaining unchanged. This single-button operation leads to a more efficient workflow. The Baldus Analog offers a maximum total flow of 15 litres per minute. The mixer unit is composed of aluminium and stainless steel for high load capacity. During the development, special attention was also paid to hygiene standards; The Baldus Analog is easy to clean thanks to its flat surfaces and rounded edges.

The Baldus scavenger breathing system is the eco-friendly companion for the nitrous oxide sedation units. The complete system is fully autoclavable and latex free. One of the many advantages is the triangular shape of the double mask and the usage of soft and bendable materials, allowing the double mask to fit any face shape perfectly without pressure marks. The Baldus scavenger breathing system provides more patient comfort and greater safety for dentists and the team. The absolute highlight are the unique, single-use inner masks available in a huge variety of colours and scents including Chilla Vanilla; Strawberry Delight; Happy Apple; Blueberry Dance; and Bouncy Bubble. The Baldus scavenger breathing system is compatible with any oxygen/nitrous oxide mixer units.

The Baldus nitrous oxide sedation stands for greater safety and comfort, easy handling and modern technology.

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