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31 Jan 2015 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Dental4Windows i3: Delivering even more productivity and profits

New Products

The latest version of Dental4Windowssql i3 will deliver improved communications in the practice and with patients. A new module, eAppointments, allows patients to book their own appointments from home, smartphones and tablets, even from their recall emails.

New eAppointments

eAppointments provides practices with the opportunity to start marketing themselves even further on the internet. Imagine using your own practice website, attracting new patients who are then able to book their appointments directly online. If you're using Google AdWords or remarketing, it now gives you a direct method to convert your leads. Also, recalls can be linked directly to online bookings. Once the appointment is booked, a confirmation SMS or email is sent - all confirmed with no interaction from the practice staff.

New eForms

eForms is also being developed, an important feature and almost the final step in making any practice completely paperless with the ability to create Electronic Patient Registration Forms that can be accessed and completed via tablets, then directly imported into Dental4Windowssql with the click of a button.

New 3D Charting

3D Charting, available now, provides the ability to clinically chart in 3D, produce your Treatment Plans from it and then use the Charting screen to demonstrate treatment needs to your patients. Using 3D images can be a very effective visual tool for communication and improving case acceptance.

Patients will then better understand any issues you raise or need to further explain. This most advanced 3D Charting is truly ground breaking with:

  • Adult and deciduous teeth - all anatomically correct;
  • Straightforward charting workflow with mostly direct selections. Tooth surface selection is increased dramatically to allow a more accurate representation of what is really there. You can choose to chart with less surfaces more simply and, at the same time, you have the option to chart on more surfaces and in greater detail and be visually more accurate. The choice is yours.
  • Teeth can be seen in single view or rotated in all three dimensions of their space. You can show a patient what a mesio-angular impacted third molar looks like. Teeth can rotate to any angle that is necessary to view the treatment area. Root structure is also shown, making Patient Education and Case Presentation much easier in 3D.

New 3D Skull Charting

3D Skull Charting is the next step for improved Treatment Plan Acceptances. This latest improvement for 3D Charting comes with four layers of anatomy for easier explanation of conditions and proposed treatment.

New eChat

eChat is the new in-practice messaging system that provides practices with the means to directly message anyone within the practice also using Dental4Windowssql.This allows the front desk to carry on non-verbal communication with the "chair".

New SMS Reminder Replies

SMS Reminder Replies now automatically update the appointment status within the Appointment Book. This action alone considerably improves efficiencies in many practices.

New Internet upgrades now enable the practice to periodically check and download the latest Dental4Windowssql updates.

Dental4Windowssql i3 continues to provide practices with the reliability and security of their own PC and networkable practice-based system with all patient records and data stored locally within your practice.

There is ongoing development of functionality that improves patient care, productivity and profitability of practices.

Through the Dental4Windowssql digital x-ray and imaging module, Mediasuitesql, your practice could be brought from a manual system into the digital world of dentistry. As a fully integrated module of Dental4Windowssql, Mediasuitesql benefits from the same successful workflow, which has been designed by a dentist for dentists.

Mediasuitesql delivers 16 Bit dynamic range for x-ray images and 24 Bit dynamic range for colour images, also providing Study Mount templates to display patient image portfolios. Analyse and enhance any digital x-rays and images using Mediasuite's powerful yet user friendly imaging tool set.

With these new and powerful functions, all part of Dental4Windows i3, designed to improve patient care, productivity and profitability, the companys expects to continue to see many practices move from their outdated or underperforming systems over to the world leading Dental4Windowssql.

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