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31 Mar 2014 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Dental4Windowssql Version 12 expands features

New Products

Centaur Software is releasing new modules and enhancement upgrades to its latest Version 12 of dental4windowssql, which was released last year.

According to Product Manager Doug Malcolm, one of the amazing new features to Version 12 is dental4windowssql 3D Charting.

"dental4windowssql 3D Charting provides the ability to clinically chart in 3D, produce your Treatment Plans from it and then use the Charting screen to demonstrate treatment needs to your patient," Mr Malcolm said. "Using 3D imagery can be a very effective visual tool for communication and improving case acceptance. Patients will better understand any issues you need to point out or further explain."

3D Charting like no other

Mr Malcolm said that the advanced 3D Charting (Figure 1) developed by Centaur Software is truly ground breaking with:

  • Adult and deciduous teeth all anatomically correct and realistic;
  • The workflow of charting designed to be very straightforward with mostly direct selections. Tooth surface selection is increased dramatically to allow more accurate representation of what is really there. You can choose to chart with less surfaces more simply and at the same time you have the option to chart on more surfaces and in greater detail to be visually more accurate (the choice is yours).
  • Teeth able to be moved in all 3 dimensions. You can show a patient what a mesio-angular impacted 3rd molar looks like. Teeth can be seen in single view and rotated in the 3D space. The teeth will rotate to whatever angle is necessary to view the treatment area. Root structure is also shown making your patient education and case presentation that much easier in 3D.

Appointment and recall management

Mr Malcolm said that the new appointment and recall management tools for dental4windowssql were also proving to be popular.

SMS Reminder Replies can now automatically update the appointment status within the dental4windowssql Appointment Book. This action alone improves the efficiencies considerably in many practices.

"The dental4windowssql eAppoinments (online Appointment Book) is currently being developed and trialled by our eServices development team with this functionality release expected around mid-2014," he said. "This functionality will allow you to load your dental4windowssql Appointment Books on your practice website.

"With this, your patients will be able to identify themselves using their own specific Patient ID to make their own appointments via the practice website. This Appointment Book is synchronised with the Appointment Book held in the practice allowing you to set the times and procedures made available for appointment bookings via the website. This functionality is a great tool adding to the already streamlined SMS Reminder Replies as outlined above. In addition, the 1stAvailable online booking engine now integrates directly into the dental4windowssql Appointment Book (Figure 2). This is another innovative addition to the Version 12 functionality."

New internet upgrades

Mr Malcolm said that Internet Upgrades have now also been implemented within Version 12 (Figure 3). This new feature enables the practice to check and download the latest dental4windowssql updates via the internet. This feature will periodically check for updates. If there is a new dental4windowssql update available, then you can download and perform the upgrade at a time that best suits.

"The benefits to your practice in using the Internet Upgrade feature are many," Mr Malcolm said. "New updates will be available to be downloaded as soon as each is released, ensuring that your practice is always on the latest dental4windowssql version. There is also no need to wait for the upgrade CD to arrive by mail and there is no need to worry about an upgrade CD being lost or damaged."

InterPC Messaging

Finally, the new InterPC Messaging of Version 12 gives staff within a practice the ability to send short and fast messages to other network users within the practice that are patient specific, procedure related, etc. This is not a tool for staff to socialise, Mr Malcolm explains, but rather a fast and slick messaging system within the confines of the practice and limited to dental4windowssql users. It is fully integrated to your dental4windowssql system, providing full control of who uses, sends and receives messages and is also auditable down to the user level. This removes the need to install and maintain a separate PC Messaging System.

Centaur Software have recently again been named Winner of the Australian Achiever Awards for Australia's Computer Systems, Software & Internet Services NSW State Winner for excellence in customer relations.

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