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31 Jul 2020 | Australasian Dental Practice

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DenTechKnow: Dental Technology Know-How streaming on

It would be hard to argue that on-demand video is becoming the "go to" medium for information and training and delivered via the internet, it's quick, convenient and extremely useful. Terry Whitty, eLABORATE's technical editor, in conjunction with the brand new dental streaming service, has launched DenTechKnow, a new video series covering everything related to dental technology.

"After writing for eLABORATE and Australiasian Dental Practice magazines for the past 17 years, DenTechKnow is an obvious evolution," Mr Whitty said.

"A lot of my articles have been reviews or how-to's and with video, it just increases the scope. The new DenTechKnow 'show' will cover product and equipment reviews, how-to videos and interviews with interesting people in the profession. In my opinion, the ability to show something in motion really engages people far better than the written word. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is showing two dozen pictures every second."

Mr Whitty said that on-demand video is an ideal learning format because it allows you to rewind and review content over and over. Plus, with the high rate of adoption of smart phones and tablets with high speed internet, videos are far more accessible than ever before, making information available anywhere, anytime. And generally, the more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to learn.

"As the publisher of eLABORATE, Australasian Dental Practice and Oral Hygiene magazines, moving to also deliver video content is a natural evolution for us too," said Joseph Allbeury, publisher of as well as this magazine. "We're not in a battle over which medium is best, our role is to facilitate communication by offering our readers, and now viewers, choice.

"It continues to be an amazing experience to work with Terry and over the past 17 years, he has become one of the best known digital dentistry advocates in Australia and elsewhere. He is so giving with his knowledge and expertise and his lectures are always packed as a result.

"Terry is also a talented musician and performer, so creating a vehicle like DenTechKnow, was a no-brainer. The first 'episode' all about Digital Dentures is now streaming for free on Dentevents.TV and more are underway. It's our first effort at producing video content and it looks sensational!"

Mr Allbeury said that is looking for more "influencers" who may be making their own videos already and want greater exposure.

"We need more videos and we want more people to use as a platform. We're willing to help increase their profile and audience using all means at our disposal."

The brand new Dentevents.TV currently has around 300 videos that can be viewed free and on-demand after signing in. Some of the videos also offer CPD.

"Dentevents.TV has a diverse array of videos relating to dentistry," Mr Allbeury said. "We are basically posting everything that we can find that is related to the profession to offer the greatest selection for our viewers. There are training videos, how-to videos, copies of webinar series, promotional videos and more. The only criteria is that it must be related to dentistry."

"People learn in many different ways and video, although primarily a visual medium, can provide the opportunity to satisfy a wide range of learning styles," Mr Whitty said. "Voiceover appeals to auditory learners, while interspersed text screens consolidating key messages can be included to appeal to those who prefer reading. For tactile learners, demonstration videos can prompt you to try out the skill while watching the video. All learning style bases are covered.

"I must say video gives me great scope to produce interesting content, either in a studio surrounding or on location visiting a manufacturer or finding out the hows and whys of certain products. It's a very exciting time and I'm looking forward to the challenge of delivering an entertaining and informative episode of DenTechKnow regularly on"

Mr Allbeury stressed that DenTechKnow is not just made for dental technicians and prosthetists, it's for the whole dental team to enjoy as it is content rich.

Try Dentevents.TV today. Simply sign-in or sign up at and start watching hundreds of videos on-demand.

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