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31 Jul 2014 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Dentmill Australia now manufacturing abutments for implant retained restorations


Dental Axess has announced a collaboration with Dentmill Australia to produce CAD/CAM custom abutments for implant-retained restorations.

To further enhance the portfolio of Dentmill Australia prosthetic solutions, Dental Axess 3Shape customers can now design and prescribe custom-milled one-piece titanium abutments for all major implant systems.

One-piece titanium blanks with precise pre-milled implant abutment interfaces are used to manufacture the custom abutment and are delivered together with the corresponding high performance coated abutment screw. The pre-milled interface portion of the titanium blanks are fabricated on an industrial high precision lathe in order to provide consistent and accurate results. The pre-milled titanium blank and corresponding abutment screw is TGA listed.

Dentmill Australia is located in Melbourne and offer a wide range of precision customised dental solutions through a purpose-built state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. The addition of customised one-piece titanium implant solutions has complimented an impressive portfolio of digital dental indications, materials and CAD/CAM technology.

Dental Axess 3Shape customers can maintain their current workflow of scanning and designing using the 3Shape Dental System in order to access highly accurate precision milled titanium implant abutments from Dentmill Australia.

By combining creativity, science and know-how, this collaboration has successfully developed innovative technology supporting choice and flexibility.

About Dentmill Australia

Dentmill Australia provides customers the opportunity for precision dental solutions through a purpose-built state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. A full range of dental options and materials are available from Dentmill Australia including customised implant-retained abutments, full contour translucent monolithic zirconia, zirconia substructures, cobalt chrome, titanium, 3D resin printing, PMMA materials, lithium-disilicate and non-precious gold. Dentmill Australia's long-term commitment to CAD/CAM provides ongoing product development, personalised, prompt and reliable service.

About Dental Axess

In tune with global trends of the rapidly evolving CAD/CAM market, Dental Axess is well-positioned to provide seamless, fully certified and integrated digital workflows between dental clinics, dental laboratories and manufacturers while supporting choice and flexibility. Dental Axess connects customers to a wide range of in-lab and/or outsourced milling and printing solutions.

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