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30 Sep 2017 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Dentsply Sirona delivers 10,000th German-made Intego to US dentist

In 2014, Dentsply Sirona launched the new generation Intego Treatment Centres. Now, this high quality and remarkably flexible treatment centre reached a special milestone in mid-2017: The 10,000th unit left the Dentply Sirona manufacturing site in Bensheim, Germany. It was shipped to Dr Kamand Shaibani, a dentist from Burlington, Massachusetts, USA.

"The Intego is able to be configured very flexibly to suit the needs of various practitioners and is therefore of huge benefit to group practices," said Michael Geil, Group Vice President Dentsply Sirona Treatment Centres. "Dentists should not have to forego outstanding quality, innovative features and modern design based on how much they can afford to invest in a new centre. That's why this sophisticated treatment centre fascinates dentists all over the world. As a result, the demand is very high."

Thousands of Intego units have been sent to southern and eastern Europe, the Asia Pacific and the Middle East, as well as the US. In June 2017, just three years after the launch, the 10,000th Intego left the manufacturing site in Bensheim.

The 10,000th unit that was shipped to Dr Shaibani was the versatile Intego Pro Ambidextrous model.

"We have been very excited to get an Intego so you can imagine our surprise to be the 10,000th purchaser," Dr Shaibani said. "What a treat."

Intego features provide flexibility

The Intego models offer modern dental practices everything necessary for professional dental hygiene, dental aesthetics and dental care. It is additionally configurable with special packages and practical equipment options. For example, with a self-contained fresh water supply bottle which controls water quality.

"The self-cleaning mechanism of the Intego is a life saver," Dr Shaibani said.

The Cavitron built-in ultrasonic scaling system is available with the Intego line for fast and effective removal of even the most tenacious deposits.

"The fact that the Intego is a swivel treatment centre is a bonus," Dr Shaibani said. "My associate and I are both right handed but the ability to switch the chair is a whole new selling point for our practice when we search for the next associate."

Easy left-right conversion

Swiveling from a left-handed to right-handed treatment centre is extremely straightforward and intuitive: A switch on the water unit can be released by foot and then is moved around the chair. At the same time, the backrest moves automatically to the new position. As a final step, the operation light, the dentist element, and the monitor get repositioned. This process takes about 15 seconds.

"Often, practices switch between the treatment of two patients," Mr Geil said. "No screws need to be released or replaced. This easy and smooth process enables one to work in an ergonomic manner. That means keeping a comfortable and healthy back and hand position during treatments which is not possible when you are left-handed and have to work on equipment designed to only meet the demands of right-handers."

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