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Dentsply Sirona launches generation 5 of CAD/CAM software with OraCheck

Following the announcement that Dentsply Sirona has signed an agreement to acquire OraCheck, the possibilities offered by Primescan, Omnicam and CEREC have noticeably increased with the new generation 5 software updates.

The new OraCheck 5.0 will enable Dentsply Sirona to offer patient monitoring before, during and after treatment. Additionally, the updated Connect Software 5.1 now offers more digitally feasible treatment options, especially for orthodontics and implant dentistry. CEREC SW 5.1 also brings the performance upgrade of CEREC generation 5 to existing CEREC Omnicam units.

The acquisition of OraCheck and applicable updates of its software will enable Dentsply Sirona to provide dentists with a valuable tool for patient analysis. OraCheck offers advanced software and supplements conventional assessment with valuable three-dimensional information developed for dental professionals to register and illustrate changes in the patient's mouth over time.

It is a key tool to analyse and follow-up examination. A comparison of the most recently scanned image with an image that was taken at a previous point in time facilitates precise assessment of any changes. The new generation of OraCheck is available for all scanners and carts running with the new Software Generation 5 of CEREC SW, Connect SW and CEREC Ortho 2.1.

Common start for OraCheck and new Software Generation 5

Dentsply Sirona is also launching the latest updates of CEREC SW and Connect SW as part of the new Software Generation 5. All software updates represent a new design and an upgraded, more user-friendly and intelligent interface. Generation 5 SW runs on all Primescan and Omnicam systems and requires Windows 10. Depending on the hardware model, an upgrade might be required.

"We are fulfilling an explicit request from customers and providing added value for dentists," explained Dr Alexander Völcker, Group Vice President CAD/CAM & Orthodontics at Dentsply Sirona. "We're realising our idea that any dental workflow should start with an intraoral scan."

OraCheck: More possibilities for dentists

In conjunction with a digital optical impression system, OraCheck is designed to visualise three-dimensional change on virtual optical scans on the computer. The changes could include movement or tilting as well as geometric changes to the surface.

Depending on the clinical situation as interpreted by the dental professional, these changes could be a hint for abrasion, swelling, recession, plaque build-up and/or change of tooth position.

Connect Software 5.1: Expanded options

The updated Connect SW 5.1 enables a guided scan with Omnicam and more accurate results when scanning the whole jaw compared to software generation 4. It now offers expanded scan options for aligners, splints and individual impression trays as well as improvements of scan quality for Primescan and Omnicam. For new customers, the Connect Software 5.1 is supplied with every intraoral scanner.

CEREC Software 5.1: Improved scanning accuracy

The updated CEREC Software 5.1 for fabricating chairside restorations has undergone numerous enhancements. The calculation of the 3D model and the quality of the pre-proposals for the restorations benefit from the precise scans of the Omnicam in combination with the CEREC SW 5.1. Automatic artifact removal and artificial intelligence-based algorithms - already introduced with CEREC 5.0 - will find their way into the previous generation CEREC AC. The ability to export STL files is always part of the software now.

"With Primescan, we took a huge step towards speed, accuracy and ease of use," Dr Völcker said. "With this new software generation, we have taken a further step in digital workflows: The indications have become more extensive and clinical success can also be ensured in the long-term through monitoring."

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