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31 Jan 2019 | Australasian Dental Practice

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DSD: Digital and Emotional Dentistry

Dr Christian Coachman, the creator of Digital Smile Design, will return to Australia on May 3rd and 4th, 2019 presenting a 2-day DSD course overviewing all the benefits that DSD brings to a dental practice.

Is your business future-ready?

The dental profession is changing like never before; corporate entities are making it harder for small practices to compete. With the shifting landscape of dentistry, it can be overwhelming for a single practitioner to keep up.

Technology is also driving major changes in the profession and the way dental practices operate. The digital world is starting to revolutionise dentistry and practices that embrace this disruptor technology are positioning themselves for long term growth.

In this new 1-day course, clinicians will be introduced to the new DSD (Digital Smile Design) 2D and 3D concepts and have presented in detail how it can help your practice grow.

The main goal of DSD is to help dental surgeries to succeed in modern competitive markets by creating their own unique differentiation and treatment delivery efficiency by using modern digital technologies and marketing strategies.

These 5 main pillars for practice success will be presented:

  • Learning and incorporating new digital and patient communication systems that will differentiate your practice;
  • Becoming a more complete diagnostician, a better interdisciplinary treatment planner and facially driven smile designer looking at how teeth fit within the face;
  • Incorporating digital dentistry without the investment and steep learning curve by accessing a training team that will provide all the practice support through one portal of knowledge;
  • Offering unique restorative solutions to your patients through the DSD Lab and DSD planning center; and
  • Taking advantage of the specialised concepts of CAD/CAM DSD Natural Restorations, creating awareness and growing new patient numbers with increasing case acceptance.

Dr Coachman has co-developed a highly sophisticated 2D/3D App that enables clinicians to create smile designs, assisting patients to see their before and after results in their own mouths before any treatment has commenced. This unique process assists patients to be involved in their smile design and creates a greater awareness of treatment requirements and hence, increased case acceptance.

The DSD App is the path to facilitate all the 5 key elements of practice growth and enables your team to be involved on a daily basis supporting you, the clinician, as you redefine your future practice direction for growth and stress reduction by delivering the dentistry you want to do.

DIGITAL SMILE DESIGN (DSD) is a multipurpose protocol which provides remarkable advantages to clinics that embrace it including:

  • Diagnostic abilities are facilitated through an extra- and intra-oral aesthetic evaluation;
  • Improved communication between all team members, providing a better visual perception of the end result of treatment delivery;
  • Education and motivation for patients with increased effectiveness of case presentation; and
  • Clinical efficiency and predictability through digital technology that reduces chair time and remakes.

DSD ethically involves patients in the restorative or smile enhancement process, making them the co-designer of their own treatment by sharing objectives, expressing their desires and their expectations with your treatment team (specialist and restorative).

The DSD design process is based upon the analysis of the patient's facial and dental proportions, utilising a predetermined series of high-quality digital photographs and videos understanding the relationship between teeth, gums, lips and smiles with the facial features.

Each customised patient design can be clearly visualised and improved with the patient's ideas inputted from their feedback response, hence the DSD Concept allows dentists to implement these benefits for patients; creating a smile that reflects their own personality and greatly enhances the experience and the results for all.

In clinical practice today, having a mouth free of biological and functional issues is not enough for demanding patients. Their desire is to own naturally beautiful smiles that harmonise with their physical characteristics and most importantly, with their personalities.

DSD trained dentists are aware of all the contributing factors that are necessary to improve case acceptance.

Come along to this unique day to learn from the world's leading dental lecturer and allow him to assist you in your practice rebirth and future growth.

It will be a day not to be missed for clinics and their teams who are serious about developing a modern 21st century dental practice.

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