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31 Oct 2013 | Australasian Dental Practice

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EMS delivers two new, completely redesigned compact Piezon scalers

New Products

The Piezon 250 and Piezon 150 are the latest additions to the EMS family for the removal of hard deposits. Based on EMS's Original Piezon Method, the company promises above-average comfort during treatment and a pronounced increase in productivity with these new units. They are the result of over 30 years' experience in the development of powerful scalers, combined with the latest technology. EMS has now equipped this product group with features that were previously only reserved for the dental company's premium products. The round and redesigned compact unit demonstrates that stimulating and attractive design can still be improved upon. The powerful dental scaler takes up the space of an A5 sheet or paper and is fully compatible with all EMS Swiss Instruments.

LEDs illuminate the oral cavity like daylight

The large, ergonomic power regulator makes it especially easy to intuitively and accurately adjust the 35 power settings or to switch the unit on or off. EMS has also successfully managed to considerably reduce the operating noise while improving performance. This benefits both practitioner and patient. The LED timer starts once the foot pedal is released; at the same time, the six light diodes that are arranged all around the tip of the handpiece light up the oral cavity for 20 seconds as brightly as daylight. The now excellent view of the treatment area facilitates diagnosis - without instrument movements or rinsing fluid.

More effective calculus removal

The Piezon 250 and Piezon 150 are equipped with identical performance features. The handpiece is slim, light and robust and the new electronic ultrasound module which has even more power is much more efficient at removing calculus. EMS has put its many years of experience and ultrasound know-how into one product with even greater performance and comfort. The required maintenance and hygiene precautions have also been simplified yet again. The pump in the Piezon 250 model should be exchanged regularly - it is easily and quickly reached for this manoeuvre. The external water filter of the Piezon 150 is easily visible and simple to change. The two multi-functional “Power Packs” have an indication range stretching from scaling, via endodontics and cavity preparation to conservative measures. And for periodontal and subgingival applications there is a specific, specially gentle power zone. The only difference between the two units is that the Piezon 150 is attached to the main water supply in situ while the Piezon 250 uses a 350 or 500 millilitre water bottle, as desired.

EMS products are available from Henry Schein Halas, Medi-dent and Dental Depot.

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