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31 May 2017 | Australasian Dental Practice

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EMS launches the next evolution of prophylaxis

EMS launched its brand new AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master air polishing system along their latest Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) release at the 37th Australian Dental Congress in Melbourne in May. The Australian launch follows the worldwide unveiling of the product at IDS 2017 in Cologne, Germany in late March.

"The Swiss Made AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master is an exciting new development and in conjunction with Guided Biofilm Therapy, is designed to give clinicians the tools and an evidence-based protocol for supra- and sub-gingival prophylaxis including implant maintenance," said Mr Nathan Giess, EMS Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand. "It was developed in the EMS Research Centre in Nyon, Switzerland with more than 100,000 hours of technical and clinical testing in collaboration with leading dental professionals from all over the world.

"There has been a real groundswell of interest in AIRFLOW and GBT from clinicians of late as it addresses myriad issues that are typically associated with prophylaxis by delivering fast, cost-effective treatment while maximising patient comfort and treatment outcomes."

Guided Biofilm Therapy using the new AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master or one of its predecessors, in conjunction with the EMS developed AIRFLOW PLUS Powder and PERIOFLOW® handpiece, is proving to be increasingly popular. The specialist periodontist community as well as dental hygienists and therapists, are increasingly adopting it as part of their daily routine.

Education is the key

Guided Biofilm Therapy is now a principal teaching of the EMS-backed Swiss Dental Academy which boasts 170+ trainers globally and teaches 15,000 clinicians annually. Australia now has 6 qualified SDA trainers, including four periodontists and two dental hygienists. The Australian courses focus on the most modern, gentle and cost effective techniques available for periodontal and implant maintenance.

"The availability of implant maintenance traning courses are limited," said Tabitha Acret, Dental Hygienist and supporter of EMS and the Swiss Dental Academy. "The SDA course is the best one I've attended. The information on diagnosing, treatment and referral is invaluable and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who places implants, has patients with dental implants or who is involved in implant care."

The game changer

"With this new product and GBT, EMS has come full circle in the evolution of what originated as a stain removal air polishing system," said Dr Ernst Wuehr, Sales Director Asia Pacific for EMS. "The story only begins with the AIRFLOW Prophylaxis Master and its predecessors in the AIRFLOW range. Together with the unique, patented AIRFLOW PLUS Powder with erythritol and the unique PERIOFLOW handpiece for deep subgingival applications, it give clinicians the tools to treat common dental conditions in a fast, efficient and highly effective manner.

"The AIRFLOW PLUS Powder is the only powder that can effectively remove subgingival biofilm by inserting the PERIOFLOW handpiece together with the depth marked PERIOFLOW nozzle deep into the pocket. It also removes supragingival stains with ease, all without damaging the soft tissues or implant surfaces. This powder was developed in-house by the EMS R&D team and is unique to our system.

"Now, with the advent of Guided Biofilm Therapy, EMS is initiating a new standard protocol in treatment that was developed in collaboration with scientists and researchers that offers clinicians an effective protocol for prophylaxis. GBT is very logical in its approach and once it's presented, clinicians say 'it just makes sense'. It provides an order for the delivery of treatment that is clinically proven to be effective in its outcome, but also, critically, delivers optimal patient comfort while also being efficient in chair time.

The system of choice for periodontists

"It is the most comfortable and efficient way to manage the pathology that develops around dental implants and can help avoid peri-implantitis. It is now the system of choice for specialist periodontists looking to treat difficult areas because it can reach areas that are difficult to reach with other instrumentation. The soft, flexible nozzles can get into difficult areas more easily and also do not damage implant surfaces. Using AIRFLOW first puts the patient at ease and lessens the need for other instrumentation."

A full system for biofilm control

Dr Wuehr said that many clinicians still believe the system is only for stain removal, but it has now evolved to deliver far greater benefits thanks to new powder and handpiece technologies.

"There are a lot of me-too products on the market, but only EMS offers a complete protocol that includes unique, patented powders, handpieces and nozzles that expand the scope of an air polisher to a full system for biofilm control," Dr Wuehr said. "That is only possible through investing heavily in research and product development, in collaboration with leading clinicians, to essentially develop a better way.

"That better way is Guided Biofilm Technology and this is the protocol we teach in the Swiss Dental Academy globally to equip clinicians with a proven methodology, backed with a unique set of tools, to give their patient the best outcome, both clinically and also in terms of comfort. It is comfortable, efficient and effective and is more akin to a spa treatment for your mouth than a dental procedure. At every level, it is a significant asset and point of difference for any dental practice offering it to their patients."

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