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31 Mar 2022 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Enter the Ultimate Practice Makeover

Entries are now open for the Ultimate Practice Makeover 2022 and we talk to host and co-producer, Angus Pryor, about the upcoming dental reality TV show called.

Hi Angus, so what exactly is the Ultimate Practice Makeover?

It's basically everything we could think of that would maximise the chance for a practice to dramatically grow in the shortest possible time rolled up as a prize for the winner. This means a really broad range of just about every kind of help we could give. We have a very generous group of sponsors donating their wares and time and the total package is unbelievable - totalling over $90,000. There's a full suite of marketing help, software, training, coaching, uniforms, patient communication tools and a $40,000 fit out of the reception area to take a practice from good to great in the shortest possible time.

How does it work?

Practices enter the competition. Once the winner has been selected, we start the makeover process on 1 July 2022. The winner will receive a large range of help to take their practice to the next level.

In the process, we record the journey of the practice to turn it into a reality TV show available on Dentevents.TV. This will allow viewers to learn from the makeover experience and to think about how they can apply those elements to their own practice. Apart from that, our overwhelming desire is to create what will be compelling viewing. As far as I know, this has never been done before!

Who should enter the Ultimate Practice Makeover?

There are a few elements to this. It's open to privately owned dental practices in Australia. People can apply if their practice would benefit from a $40,000 reception area fitout - generously provided by Medifit. Secondly, we want an openness to work with the various coaches and trainers to not just transform the look of the practice but also the behaviour of the practice, so we can get the maximum return.

Bottom line, if the practice needs a bit of a pick-me-up and the owners are open to learning new things and implementing them, they should definitely apply.

Why are you doing the Ultimate Practice Makeover?

Any excuse to get in front of a camera [laughs]! No, it just sounded like a fun project. As far as I know, no one has ever done a reality style TV show in the dental industry like this. The beauty of UPM is that we can take viewers on the journey as a practice goes through the makeover process, while the practice gets the benefit of a $90,000 makeover.

Who is involved in delivering the makeover?

We're very lucky. Because I've been in the dental industry for quite a long time, I've been able to lean on a bunch of other businesses to come and join the project. The typical reaction has been one of great enthusiasm.

As I said earlier, I really can't think of what else we could do to grow a practice faster in a shorter time... unless maybe we get Justin Beiber to do a concert out the front of the practice [laughs].

We have Medifit doing the fit-out, Dental4windows providing software, Jesse Green helping with consulting, Jayne Bandy helping with phone skills and Simon Palmer helping guide the process in terms of building the value of the practice. Channel D is being installed and there's some neat tools from Erskine Dental. Then there's an upgrade on

For my company, Dental Marketing Solutions, we're basically throwing the kitchen sink at it - a new website, SEO, social media, branding, logos, consulting and so on.

With all these sponsors on board, won't the TV show just be like one giant infomercial?

No way! My number one goal is for it to be fun and educational. The reality is that all of the sponsors involved really just wanted to help and weren't even too worried about what kind of recognition they get for their involvement. The project only works if the final product (a reality TV show) is great viewing.

My hope is that it becomes a series that is binge-watched for years to come because of the compelling mix of the dramatic practice transformation with a good dose of storytelling. We're hoping to do this every year although it's pretty full on producing the show - I might need to wine and dine my wife [laughs].

What is the criteria to determine who wins?

It's a combination of the answers that we get from the entrants, plus the practice that we think we can generate the best results for within a six-month period. For example, if someone had a brand-new, immaculate practice, that would restrict our options from the fit-out point of view.

How can someone enter the Ultimate Practice Makeover?

It's quite simple, just head to and enter your details. From there, if you make it through to the next round, you will receive an email asking for some more information. If you make it to the next round, there will be a zoom interview before the successful practice is selected.

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