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30 Sep 2017 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Fast, effective handpiece maintenance: Just 10 seconds with no waiting time

The revolutionary Assistina TWIN automatic handpiece maintenance unit from leading handpiece manufacturer, W&H, boasts a record cycle time of just 10 seconds and a sophisticated dual-chamber system, effectively eliminating tedious waiting times.

While one handpiece is being serviced, another can be placed in the dual chamber with no lost waiting time. An optimised method of oil application ensures fast and effective lubrication without waste and the use of a HEPA filter protects operators from airborne contaminants.

A particular highlight of the Assistina TWIN is the short service cycle time of just 10 seconds. During this time the spray channels are flushed with cleaning solution and dried with compressed air, plus all gearing components are serviced with quality W&H Service Oil.

W&H employs an innovative oil nebulisation technology to guarantee the record time of just 10 seconds. The oil is first nebulised into fine particles before being blasted through the instrument at high pressure. The fine mist reaches even the most remote parts of the gears without any need for the gearing components to be set in motion first. The Assistina TWIN ensures that the exact quantity of oil required for each instrument is applied, ensuring uniform and optimum handpiece maintenance for the perfect functioning and extended working life of the serviced instruments.

The option of using any adaptor means that the new Assistina TWIN can also be easily tailored to the requirements of your practice to fit a range of handpiece types and brands.

The Assistina TWIN is equipped with a HEPA filter (high-efficiency particulate air filter), which filters particles out of the air during operation. Aerosol mists forming during the maintenance process are captured by a fan and filtered out - the practice team benefits from a safe working environment in the course of hygienic instrument reprocessing.

All the consumables such as oil and cleaning fluid cartridges and the HEPA filter are offered in the new Assistina TWIN Care Set and can be replaced by the user without the need for tools.

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