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01 Dec 2004 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Fimet extends warranty to 4 years on new dental units

Fimet Australia has reinforced the quality of its products by extending the warranty period for new dental chairs and units sold in Australia from December 2004 to a 4-year parts replacement and 1-year labour guarantee. In addition, the F1 Fimet unit control block continues to have a lifetime (10 year) guarantee which is one of the longest warranties given in the industry for such a vital component.

"We have been lobbying the head office of Fimet in Finland for some time to back the extension of the warranty," said Mr Jeff Clohessy, managing director of Fimet Australia, "and we now have all the processes in place to implement it. The quality of the Fimet brand is second to none. Its reliability and performance has been proven over many years in Australia and Fimet products have passed the 'test of time'. We're proud to be able to telegraph this fact to dentists considering utilising our products."

Mr Clohessy has been distributing Fimet in Australia for over 15 years and in that time, he has been so impressed by the quality and low maintenance of Fimet products that it was time to implement this warranty for all future customers. "Dental units are the focal point for every practice so reliability is a key issue. Customers want products with a proven history of performance and reliability, support, style, and value for money. Fimet have one of the largest choices of dental chair/unit combinations available in Australia and we are one of only a handful of companies that continues to offer the same brand product for so many years.

"In recognition of the outstanding past record and performance of Fimet units, we are proud to introduce to all our future customers one of the longest warranties available in the industry. In addition, it has been our long standing policy to supply Fimet products direct to our clients and accordingly, our customers benefit and in many cases, save thousands of hard earned dollars."

Apart from the complete Fimet range of dental units and digital radiography solutions, Mr Clohessy has built up an eclectic array of mainstream and niche dental equipment products as opportunities in the market presented.

Fimet Australia's catalogue now includes the Tecno-Gaz range of autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners, Medic-Air "oil-free" dental compressors, Dental Centra suction motors, Bien Air handpieces, Rolence curing lights, Surgery Dental Lamps, Dental Cameras and much, much more.

"We are essentially able to supply everything from a single chair to all the equipment a dental practice needs if they are starting from scratch."

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