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31 Jul 2011 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Flexitime Bite wins editor's choice award

Awards and accolades

Flexitime Bite, the addition silicone (VPS) bite registration material developed by Heraeus, has received both the prestigious Editor's Choice award and the 2011 Top Bite Registration Award from The Dental Advisor. 4.5 stars were awarded to the bestselling bite registration material for its ease of use, scanning details, and fast set time.

Published worldwide, The Dental Advisor provides easy to compare, evidence-based and clinically relevant information to dental professionals about the performance, features and properties of popular dental products.

The main criteria of a high performing bite registration material are a not too long intraoral setting time, firmness after setting (without being resilient) but no brittle behaviour, high precision/accuracy of transfer and a high thixotropy. Furthermore, there is a strong tendency to scannable bite registration through powder free 3D data entry via CAD/CAM.

Consultants observed that Flexitime Bite is easy to use by applying it directly from the automix cartridge onto the occlusal surfaces of the teeth. The innovative Heraeus material may be used for conventional bite registration or in conjunction with CAD/CAM systems as it can be scanned using an optical scanner intraorally or in the lab. Consultants reported that the material scans well even without the addition of a reflecting powder. Also accentuated was the easiness of trimming of the set material with sharp instruments like scalpels or burs. The material needs to be hard but not brittle and needs not to chip or crumble during trimming.

The tasteless and lavender colour Flexitime Bite was evaluated by 19 consultants in 311 uses. All in all, it received a 92% rating. 47% of the consultants reported that Flexitime Bite was better than other tested bite registration materials and 42% reported it was equivalent. 68% would switch to Flexitime Bite and even 84% would recommend it.

In addition to this award, in January, the Dental Advisor awarded the Flexitime assortment as Preferred Product 2011.

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