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31 Jul 2017 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Global’s A-Series Microscope: Unparalleled utility for dentistry

Microscopes are one of the many tools available to dentists today that can help diagnose and treat issues at the earliest possible stage.

Manufactured by US based company Global Surgical Corporation, a company known as the leader in dental microscopes, their latest A-series microscope sets the standard in dental microscopy. Global Surgical is committed to providing the best microscope experience in the dental market. Their microscope is designed by dentists for dentists: it is easier to maneuver than previous models, offers the brightest LED light source available and the new multi-focal lens provides an enhanced range of fine focus adjustment.

The Global Surgical A-Series Microscope is one of many great pieces of market leading equipment supplied by INLINE Medical & Dental with a trusted history that assists dentists to routinely perform more and more complex procedures in their own surgeries.

This innovative and sleek microscope has advanced options like an intuitive AXIS control system to help you handle it with ease and use it to best locate trouble sources within your mouth. It also offers the brightest LED source of light available on the market, which only further helps to guarantee that any potential issues are spotted clearly and as early as possible. The Global Surgical A-Series Microscope is, to put it simply, a game changer in the dental industry when it comes to a user-friendly microscope that offers an incredible number of benefits.

So what are some of the benefits to using a Global Surgical A-Series Microscope?

The entire purpose of any patient visiting a dental surgery is to keep their teeth and mouth clean and healthy. With that in mind, it makes sense to catch any potential issues as early as possible in order to minimise the amount of damage problems will cause. The well-known saying that "you can only treat what you can see" is particularly relevant when looking at the benefits of microscope enhanced dentistry.

The Global A-Series microscope allows dentists to deliver an immediate diagnosis with confidence. It's a tool that allows you to be more precise, faster and have a better feel for the work you are carrying out. You will also enjoy your work more and be prouder of the work you do.

Working with a microscope enables you to take a closer look at marginal tissues and restorations, which means that you can better detect any potential misalignments or infections. It also helps to improve the detection and examination of root and coronal abnormalities and factures. It improves visualisation and helps with earlier diagnosis as well as providing improved success when it comes to root canal therapy.

The reality of working with a microscope in the correct ergonomic position also has a number of long term health benefits. It allows you to increase your working life, decreasing fatigue and eliminating physical and mental stress. Working with a microscope allows you to look straight ahead and maintain a straight back and neck all day long.

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