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01 Nov 2005 | Australasian Dental Practice

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Gritter trains technicians to tackle pollution issues

Experts from Austria and Germany were in Sydney recently for four days of intensive technical instruction and sales training at Gritter Dental. The seminar supported Gritter's launch of the Metasys EXCOM range, the Austrian semi-wet suction system that offers numerous environmental advantages for Australian dentists.

Metasys representatives Mr Erwin Pipal and Mr Herwig Bindreiter demonstrated the company's EXCOM centralised suction maintenance and amalgam retention systems. Course attendees were impressed with its quality, serviceability and unique features.

Gritter Director, Leon Gritter, said his company's Australian introduction of Metasys was a great success.

"This is part of our push towards better, environmentally friendly dentistry," he said. "The whole world is short of water and amalgam pollution is a definite threat. Our product is aimed at combating these problems. Metasys has an amalgam precipitation rate of 98.6% meaning the separator exceeds all ISO legal and ecological standards.

"The semi-wet system means no more valuable drinking water running down the drain. Amalgam residues are stored in a certified collection container and re-cycled in Austria. With the easy collection system we have set up, Gritter can help every dentist make their own contribution towards caring for our environment.

"In Europe, pollution laws have been in effect for many years requiring dentists to retain 95% of amalgam. At present, there are no such requirement in Australia, except in the ACT. The ADA is currently writing reports and briefing papers on an overview of the Australian situation.

"We want to offer dentists the solution to be one step ahead of this process. The quality of Metasys is superb. There is a complete range of equipment with and without separation retention systems. Any old Metasys can also be retrofitted to update it to any law that might be introduced.

"The cost to the end-user within the Metasys program for amalgam waste disposal and re-cycling is nil. The only cost is to replace their amalgam container every 6-9 months, which will be approximately $100. Metasys supplies a certificate to the dentist to say the amalgam was disposed of according to the law.

"Other products in the Metasys range include Clean and Green disinfectant and maintenance products for surgery disinfection such as surface disinfectants, suction cleaning programs and even a hand care range for operators. They demonstrate superior characteristics such as better reaction time and cost effectiveness."

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